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Kyou no Nekomura-san (2020)

Other name: きょうの猫村さん / Kyōnonekomurasan
Genre: Animals, Comedy, Fantasy
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2020
Status: Completed
Based on manga by Hoshi Yoriko; a cat who dreams of reuniting with its owner & works as a housekeeper to save money.
  • Ep 36 SUB

    Fall In Love (2021) (2021)

    Fall In Love (2021)
    Drama, Historical, Investigation, political, Romance

    In the year of 1926, Mu Wanqing brings her mom's ashes back to China burial. On the pretense of surrendering to her father, Mu Wanqing has an actual motive in finding the true reason why her parents separated and her siblings died.

    Meanwhile, a coup d'état occurs among the Shanghai army, and the once oppressed Tan Xuanlin rose up to become the new commander of troops. However despite his new authority, he still finds himself walking on thin ice. Xu Guangyao, the son of the Commander of Yue Cheng, is a man revered and admired by many. However, he dislikes the power struggles within the political field.

    A chance encounter lets Mu Wanqing, Tan Xuanlin and Xu Guangyao meet and befriend each other. In order to secure her foothold within the Mu family, Mu Wanqing intentionally gets close to Xu Guangyao and have his backing. Meanwhile, Tan Xuanlin works alongside Mu Wanqing to investigate an old case that is related to the Mu family. The three of them goes through life-and-death struggles together, and eventually realizes the importance of protecting the country in the tumultuous times.

  • Ep 12 SUB

    Sponsor (2022) (2022)

    Sponsor (2022)
    Disaster, Drama, Revenge, Romance, Thriller

    A romance thriller between four men and women running like a runaway locomotive toward different desires, including success, revenge, children and love.

    Lee Sun Woo, is a photographer and editor in magazine. He keeps a burning ambition and heartfelt desire for revenge hidden behind his warm exterior. Han Chae Rin is the CEO of a cosmetics company. She is greedy and ambitious despite her success. Park Da Som is a rising actress. She does anything for success. At the same time, she struggles to protect her son who has a rare disease. She’s internally struggling between motherhood and success, and despite her cold exterior, she truly loves her ill son. Hyun Seung Hoon, Park Da Som’s husband is an aspiring model. His life goals are: overcome poverty and failures. He dreams of succeeding in life.

  • Ep 46 RAW

    The Classic of Mountains and Seas (2016) (2016)

    The Classic of Mountains and Seas (2016)
    Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Romance
    In ancient time, there were two tribes in China, named Dong Ling and Jiu Li. For their own benefits, each tribe sent a group of their own people to Peach Blossom Hollow in search for a Mysterious Lady descended from the sky. Thus, emerged the legendary story of men, gods, and beasts.
  • Ep 26 RAW

    Super Robot Mach Baron (1974)

    Super Robot Mach Baron
  • Ep 40 SUB

    The Legend of Zhuohua (2023) (2023)

    The Legend of Zhuohua (2023)
    Fantasy, Historical, Romance

    It tells the love story of a woman who overcomes many trials to become a female official and a general who has weathered many hardships in his road to victory.

    Despite being an illegitimate daughter, Mu Zhuo Hua breaks away from the path of traditional women during her time as she escapes from her own wedding and enters the capital to seek a position as a female official. In her journey, she meets Liu Yan, a man known as the god of war. He may have been defeated in battlefield but he does not waver in his resolve as he endures hardships to avenge his grievances. The two may have started out trying to use each other for their own purposes, but eventually join hands in their mission to better the nation, creating a world, where women can also enter the court as officials.

    (Source: ChineseDrama)

    Adapted from the web novel "Ceng Feng Liu" (曾风流) by Sui Yu Er An (随宇而安).

    Episodes: 40

  • Ep 24 SUB

    Be With You (2023) (2023)

    Be With You (2023)
    Comedy, Conspiracy, Friendship, Hidden Identity, Historical, Investigation, Martial Arts, Mystery, Poison, Revenge, Romance, Teamwork, Web Series, Wuxia

    Legend has it that there are many Jiang Hu forces hidden in Mu Yun City. Meng San Xi, a martial arts master, is investigating the case of a friend who was murdered by an assassin organization allegedly based out in the city. At Mu Yun City, Meng San Xi meets three other people who share the same mission as him. But to continue their investigation, they need money. So, they opened a convenience store to make a living and also to fund their investigation.

    (Source: Chinese = MangoTV Moonson YouTube channel)

    Episodes: 24

  • Ep 4 RAW

    Choraku Game (2023) (2023)

    Choraku Game (2023)
    Miniseries, Suspense, Thriller

    Kanata Moriguchi, a representative of the fashion subscription service "shareDresser", becomes popular overnight, because of a famous artist's shout-out on SNS. From there, surrounded now by luxury, Moriguchi starts touting the concept that the number of followers on social channels is the most important thing and everything else will just work on its own. Because of his popularity, he becomes a part of a celebrities circles, but also ends up as the object of envy and respect of his fellow industry colleagues.

    However, everything changes when Moriguchi receives a message from a stranger. In it, he receives a video that should never see the light of day and could ruin his life. Forced to follow the blackmailer's instructions, Kanata tries to find out who is behind it and what his motives are. At the same time, he faces a dilemma whether to save his career or confess his sins to the world.

  • Ep 5 RAW

    Keishichou Sousa Shiryou Kanrishitsu (2019)

    Keishichou Sousa Shiryou Kanrishitsu