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  • Ep 50 RAW

    Jie Fang (2009)

    Jie Fang
    Historical, Warrior
  • Ep 1 SUB

    Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) (2006)

    Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)
    Action, Betrayal, Historical, Warrior, Wuxia
    Hong Kong

    Strongly influenced by the play Thunderstorm by Cau Yu, Curse of the Golden Flower tells the story of family, forbidden love, and betrayal in the Imperial Court in ancient China.

    In 928 A.D, on the eve of the Chong Yang Festival, golden flowers fill the Imperial Palace. The Emperor returns unexpectedly with his second son, Prince Jai. His pretext is to celebrate the holiday with his family, but given the chilled relations between the Emperor and the ailing Empress, this seems disingenuous.

    For many years, the Empress and Crown Prince Wan, her stepson, have had an illicit liaison. Feeling trapped, Prince Wan dreams of escaping the palace with his secret love Chan, the Imperial Doctor´s daughter. Meanwhile, Prince Jai, the faithful son, grows worried over the Empress´s health and her obsession with golden chrysanthemums. Could she be headed an ominous path?

  • Ep 49 SUB

    Dream of Chang'an (2021) (2021)

    Dream of Chang'an (2021)
    Drama, Historical, political, Romance, Warrior

    It tells the fateful reunion of twin sisters Cheng Ruo Yun and Chou Yan Zhi as they become involved in political affairs upon encountering the young emperor Li Yan.

    The eunuchs have gained control of the palace during the reign of Emperor Wen Zong of Tang. Hoping to free the nation from their clutches, Emperor Wenzhong secretly plots to assassinate the head eunuch Chou Shi Liang, but their plan ends in utter defeat.

    Prime minister Wang Ya's entire household is sentenced to death except for his granddaughter twins who barely escape death. The younger sister who is adopted by the Ziyi Bureau assumes the name Yu Bing Er. Determined to take revenge, the older sister changes her name to Yan Zhi and becomes Chou Shi Liang's goddaughter.

    Seven years later, emperor Li Yan (Cheng Yi) ascends to the throne. Li Yan resorts to using the Ziyi Bureau to fight against Chou Shi Liang. As a result, the two sisters meet again as enemies unable to recognize their relation by blood.

    Adapted from the novel Jian Qi Xing (剑器行) by Zi Fei Hua.

  • Ep 30 RAW

    Drawing Sword (2005) (2005)

    Drawing Sword (2005)
    Historical, War, Warrior
    ~~ Adapted from the novel "Drawing Sword" by Du Liang.
  • Ep 20 SUB

    River Where the Moon Rises (2021) (2021)

    River Where the Moon Rises (2021)
    Action, Amnesia, Drama, Historical, political, Romance, War, Warrior

    Born a princess and raised a soldier, Pyeong Gang is a woman with big dreams and limitless ambition. Determined to become the first Empress of Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang will stop at nothing to make her dream come true. Clever and level headed, Pyeong Gang is well aware of the obstacles that stand in her way and she’s more than capable of taking them on. With meticulous planning, she sets out to make her dream come true. But things take an unexpected turn, the day she meets On Dal.

    A peace-loving man, whose only goal in life is to live in harmony with those around him, On Dal is the exact opposite of the ambitious princess. A peaceful calm amidst the turbulent storms of Pyeong Gang’s life, the warrior princess soon finds herself falling for gentle On Dal. Equally in love with the princess whose heart he now possesses, On Dal finds himself forsaking his principles in order to keep her safe. An endeavor that proves increasingly difficult, as players from all sides converge in a lethal battle for the throne. Forced to match both wits and strength against some of the most powerful men and women in Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang’s vie for power could very well cost her everything. Does she have what it takes to make her dreams come true or will the price she realizes she must pay prove to be too much?

    Adapted from the novel “Princess Pyeonggang” (평강공주) by Choi Sa Gyu (최사규).

  • Ep 59 SUB

    Love and Redemption (2020) (2020)

    Love and Redemption (2020)
    Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Resurrection, Romance, Warrior

    A thousand years following a battle between the demons and the heavens, the souls of the Star of Mosha and the God of War are sent to the mortal realm to undergo tribulation.

    In the mortal realm, Chu Xuan Ji, born as the daughter of the Shaoyang Sect Leader, is deprived of her six senses. During a tournament, she meets Yu Si Feng, a skilled disciple of Lize Palace who was born on the same day as her, and the two develop a friendship. Promising to meet again, Si Feng returns to his sect where he is punished for breaking the rules and forced to wear a mask that could potentially harm his life, while Xuan Ji leaves her home to train in martial arts.

    Four years later, their destinies are intertwined once again. Traveling together, they soon discover their past lives' memories and uncovering secrets and conspiracies involving themselves and the three realms; demon, heavenly, and mortal. The revelation greatly impacts Si Feng and Xuan Ji's relationship, and the balance of the three realms starts to shift.

    Adapted from the novel "The Glass Maiden" written by author Shi Si Lang.

  • Ep 95 SUB

    Three Kingdoms (2010) (2010)

    Three Kingdoms (2010)
    Action, Adventure, Historical, Military, political, War, Warrior
    Three Kingdoms is a Chinese television series adapted from Luo Guanzhong's classical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Directed by Gao Xixi, the 95 episodes long series has a budget of over 100 million RMB and was released in May 2010
  • Ep 4 SUB

    Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (2016) (2016)

    Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (2016)
    Action, Adventure, Bodyguard, Fantasy, Friendship, Warrior
    Balsa (Haruka Ayase) is a 30-year-old female bodyguard-for-hire. Her life changes when she saves Imperial Prince Chagumu who is being carried away by a raging river. They then attempt to return the great egg of the water spirit, which is in Prince Chagumu's possession to its source in the sea. Along the way, they are hunted by hired assassins.