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Dou Suru Ieyasu (2023) (2023)

Other name: どうする家康 / Do usu ru Ieyasu / Dousuru Ieyasu / Dosuru Ieyasu / Do Suru Ieyasu / What to do Ieyasu
Genre: Drama, Historical, life, Samurai
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2023
Status: Ongoing
Drama series depicts the life of Ieyasu Tokugawa (January 31, 1543 - June 1, 1616). Takechiyo (later becomes Tokugawa Ieyasu) was born as the son of a poor and powerless daimyo. Takechiyo lost his father during a war. He grew up lonely and away from his mother. Takechiyo didn't have a clue about what his future would hold. He then has a dramatic meeting with young Oda Nobunaga.
  • Ep 13 SUB

    Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter (2020) (2020)

    Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter (2020)
    Drama, Resurrection, Romance
    This is the story of the strong and smart woman named Rarapee. She loved her husband very much, however, when her husband passes away during her pregnancy, she decided to go on her life as a single mother. Growing up, her son hated his father misunderstanding that his father was irresponsible and left them. However, Rarapee never hated her husband, instead, she strongly believe that one day her husband will come back. After many years, her wish came true unexpectedly. Her husband was reborn in the form of a young handsome man named Thing, who was only 24 and basically the same age as her son. When they meet, the miracle love of different age begin. So will Thing able to discover his past life? Will they face hardship through their love path?
  • Ep 28 SUB

    Kiss of the Cobra (2020)

    Kiss of the Cobra
    500 years ago, the snake queen goddess was condemned to burn to death by her lover Prince Chaiyawong. Present day, she awaits for her lover to return to punish him for a love debt that he owes and vows vengeance upon Maneewan, the woman who stole her lover's heart.
  • Ep 18 RAW

    Infernal Affairs (2016) (2016)

    Infernal Affairs (2016)
    Crime, Drama, Suspense
    The web television series, which will be released in three seasons, takes places after the events of the original three films and focuses on an entirely new set of characters. Gallen plays the show’s main villain, a trusted leader in Damian Lau’s triad organization. Bernice Liu stars as his love interest, while Him Law (羅仲謙) stars as the OCTB inspector hot on Gallen’s trail.
  • Ep 24 SUB

    Flourish In Time (2021) (2021)

    Flourish In Time (2021)
    Accident, Neighbours, Novel, Romance, School, Youth

    A car accident is the reason why Lu Miao suddenly has a new older brother in Jiang Haoyue. Lu Miao practices various martial arts and becomes the female knight to Jiang Haoyue's fallen prince. Similarly, Jiang Haoyue stands by Lu Miao to guard her in his own way. For Lu Miao, Jiang Haoyue is the moonlight that she has spent her entire youth chasing after, but the moon gets its light from the sun. Without her knowing, she is the sun that illuminates Jiang Haoyue's whole world. As Lu Miao enters high school and makes new friends, she gradually realizes that her feelings for Jiang Haoyue go beyond that of siblings. Shi Che's arrival brings upon a strong sense of unease for Jiang Haoyue. Soon enough, the brother and sisterly love evolves into young love.

    Adapted from e-novel "Who Can Keep the Moon Private By Love" by Fan Da Wang.

  • Ep 12 SUB

    Zhe Ge Xue Zhang You Dian Tian (2021) (2021)

    Zhe Ge Xue Zhang You Dian Tian (2021)
    Animals, Cohabitation, Fantasy, Hidden Identity, Romance, Youth

    Cute Jiang Xiao Li accidentally discovers that her favorite swimming team captain Ouyang Xi turns into a cat. This leads to them cohabitating by chance. With her help, Ouyang Xi gradually finds a solution.

    (Source: Sohu)

    Episodes: 12

  • Ep 36 SUB

    The Best of Times (2020) (2020)

    The Best of Times (2020)
    Business, Romance
    A failed bidding for a project lets locomotive designer Lin Zhenyi experience a sense of failure. Her position as the project leader was replaced by an elite overseas returnee, Tan Qingchuan. As Lin Zhen and Tan Jingchuan work together, Lin Zhenyi observes Tan Jingchuan and his assistant Jian Aixing's working method, and realizes the reason why she failed. Learning from her experience, she achieves success in her next project. At the same time, Lin Zhen also faces pursuit from Tan Qingchuan, as well as her new neighbour Li Yanfeng, a research test pilot.
  • Ep 50 SUB

    Sanada Maru (2016)

    Sanada Maru
    Drama, Historical, Jidai Geki, Military
    Sanada Nobushige was born to a lord who owned a small piece of land in Shinsu (present day Nagano Prefecture). He survived using wisdom, courage and much effort during the Sengoku period. Eventually, he grew into a much respected samurai warrior. During The Siege of Osaka, Nobushige constructed the small fortress "Sanada-maru" on the periphery of Osaka Castle. His fortress successfully repelled the much larger invading forces of Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • Ep 18 SUB

    Jam Loey Rak (2008)

    Jam Loey Rak
    Drama, Romance
    Harit Rangsiman, a pearl farm owner in the south of Thailand is very angry and vengeful after Harin, his only younger brother, commits suicide because of a woman name Sansanee (she was his girlfriend in college) breaks up with him. Harit wants to take vengeance on the girl who caused his brother's death. He kidnaps who he thinks is Sansanee to torture her, but he doesn't know that the girl that he kidnaps is Soraya, Sansanee's cousin. Soraya lives in the same house with Sansanee and her parents because her own parents died a long time ago. Harit believes that Soraya is Sansanee no matter how many times Soraya tries to tell him she isn't. Soraya ends up accepting all the punishment doled out by Harit due to her wanting to repay her debt of gratitude to Sansanee because Sansanee once save her life from drowning when they were young