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Bad Girl: Glass Ceiling Crushers (2022) (2022)

Other name: 悪女(わる)~働くのがカッコ悪いなんて誰が言った?~ / Waru: Hataraku no ga Kakko Warui Nante Dare ga Itta? / Akujo / Bad Woman / Bad Girl – Glass Ceiling Crushers
Cast: Kim Jae Joong (1986), Ogi Shigemitsu (1961), Mukai Osamu (1982), Nomaguchi Toru (1973), Masu Takeshi (1955), Shida Mirai (1993), Anan Kenji (1962), Eguchi Noriko (1980), Ishida Hikari (1972), Hiraizumi Sei (1944), Hayashi Yasufumi (1971), Takahashi Tsutomu (1978), Imada Mio (1997), Kitano Kii (1991), Kato Takako (1970), Sudo Risa (1976), Seong Seon Im (Sonim) (1983), Satoi Kenta (1957), Yamaguchi Tomomitsu (1969), Suzuki Nobuyuki (1992), Ikegami Sarii (1995), Watanabe Tetsu (1950), Toyama Toshiya (1962), Shida Masayuki (1964), Okayama Hajime (1964), Ueki Shohei (1982), Watanabe Eriko (1972), Terakawa Rina (1993), Ishikawa Ren (1993), Okochi Hiroshi (1956), Yamada Meikyo (1949), Goshu (1956), Abe Shohei (1983), Sakurai Yuki (1987), Narimatsu Osamu (1974), Wada Masanari (1991), Yamazaki Gakudai (1971), Ishii Anna (1998), Suzuki Tamayo (1994), Ishibashi Shizuka (1994), Kondo Haruna (1983), Akiyama Yuzuki (1993), Aramaki Yoshihiko (1990), Ohara Azusa (2000), Hasegawa Nagi (1998), Mikata Ryosuke (1992), Isahaya Kosaku (1994), Kato Man (1960), Matsuda Ryo (1991), Kimura Midori (1943), Takahashi Fumiya (2001), Marsh Aya (2000), Kodama Norikatsu (1981), Takahashi Kensuke (1994), Imai Takafumi (1985), Kasugai Seina (1978), Akase Akari (2001), Tominaga Ai (1982), Ahn Mika (1972), Sudo Kanoko (1997), Komiya Hironobu (1983), Minakami Kyoka (1995), Okayasu Taiju (1970), Ono Ryou (1959), Yamashita Hiroko (1963), Omura Wataru (1988), Fujita Hideyo (1964), Akazawa Ryotaro (1997), Ichiyama Kisho (1950), Onogawa Aki (1987), Hasegawa Tity (1992), Imazato Makoto (1975),
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Manga, Romance
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2022
Status: Completed
Meet Tanaka Maririn, just graduated from college and beginning her life in the workforce… at the bottommost rung. She’s not expected to know much (and she doesn’t) and she’s not expected to last long, but few at first are aware that not only does she have an upbeat attitude, but a sarcastic streak a mile long and a fearlessness to match with it. Sometimes she wears slacks instead of a skirt. She WILL succeed, and she WILL find that handsome man she saw only briefly on her first day of work after her orientation. Don’t even think you can stop her…
  • Ep 40 RAW

    Happiness Chocolate (2018)

    Happiness Chocolate
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    Duan Tianle heir to family riches tries to evade a match making attempt and took refuge in America only to have his purse strings cut. There he met Zhong Kuan Kuan a chocolatier who runs a struggling business whilst having to grapple with her father's gambling addiction. After free loading in her home, Duan Tianle is forced to return home to Shenzhen but later found his way back to America in pursuit of his love, the rich girl whom he was supposed to meet initially. Despite his dashing good looks, he was rejected but found a renewed bond with Zhong Kuan Kuan, who by now has attracted a new admirer. A turn of fortune forces Kuan Kuan and her father to return to China for a fresh start. Will their relationship turn out to be more than just friends once they return?
  • Ep 59 SUB

    Love of Aurora (2017)

    Love of Aurora
    Drama, Romance, Youth
    It tells the love story between acting student Han Xing Zi and the heir of a media group, Li Jun Tai. Xing Zi is a gifted young aspiring actress whose dream is to spread love and hope to the world through her acting. To make this dream come true, she goes to study abroad in America and performs on all kinds of big and small stages, always putting her whole heart into her roles. There she meets the young rebel Jun Tai, who came to America to escape from the strings of his strict family.
  • Ep 35 RAW

    Baby Child Back Home (2014)

    Baby Child Back Home
    Drama, Family
    Song Qiming go to aquarium with Kiki to play, butSong Qiming found Kiki gone ......Kiki lost as a major sadness, shock everyone and broke their hearts, only the mother and Song Kang is doing everything possible to conceal kiki, 
  • Ep 52 RAW

    Ultraman Tiga (1996)

    Ultraman Tiga
    Action, Adventure, Tokusatsu
    Set in the alternate timeline of the years 2007-2010, giant monsters and conquering aliens start to appear, as was foretold by an apocalyptic prophecy about an uncontrollable chaos over the Earth. Facing the threat, the TPC (Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium) is created, such as its branch, GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad). Through a holographic message in a capsule found by researchers, the GUTS gets knowledge about a golden pyramid built by an ancient civilization. At the site, three statues of a race of giants who defended early human civilization on Earth about 30,000,000 years ago from Super-Ancient Monsters and other forces of darkness are found, but two of them are destroyed by the monsters Golza and Melba. The third one gains life from the spiritual energy of officer Daigo, descendant of the ancient race. Daigo and the remaining statue merge into a single being, made of light. Shortly after defeating the two monsters, Daigo is revealed by the hologram of the prophecy that 30 million years in the past, a great evil that not even the giants could stop, destroyed the ancient civilization. The same evil reappears in the finale of the series, the Ruler of Darkness Gatanothor, and his servants, Gijera and Zoigar. Gatanothor defeats Ultraman Tiga with ease, withstanding the Delcalium Light Stream and a modified version of the Zepellion Ray, both Tiga's finishes, and turns him back into a statue, but the light of humanity is able to turn him into Glitter Tiga, giving him the power to defeat Gatanothor and save the Earth. However, Tiga's victory came at a cost. Daigo was no longer able to become Tiga after the Spark Lens disintegrated into dust after his final battle. It is ultimately revealed that Tiga, although no longer bound to Daigo, its energy now remains in the heart of all those who believe in Tiga, inner-strength and justice. Given the right conditions such as times of despair, the sparks will gather and Tiga statue will be revitalized.
  • Ep 7 SUB

    Delhi Crime (2019) (2019)

    Delhi Crime (2019)
    Crime, Drama
    As Delhi reels in the aftermath of a gang rape, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi leads a painstaking search for the culprits. Based on the 2012 Nirbhaya case. Anthology series.
  • Ep 18 RAW

    Bang Rajan (2015) (2015)

    Bang Rajan (2015)
    Action, Drama, Historical, Romance, Tragedy, War

    In the midst of war, four young men fall in love.

    In 1765, as the invading Angwa (Burmese) army marched towards the capitol of Ayutthaya Kingdom (Siam), they encountered little resistance from the Ayutthaya army, who retreated to defend from behind the capitol's walls.

    Three childhood friends, in the Ayutthaya army, are constantly at odds. Thap wants to fight bravely, as Sang and Khap follow orders and retreat. Unhappy with the army, Thap defects and joins a group of patriotic rebels who eventually all gather at the village of Bang Rajan to defend against the Angwa.

    Thap is patient, brave and righteous. Sang is hotheaded, stubborn, and overbearing. He is also ambitious and knows how to talk his way to a promotion. Khap is gentle, follows Sang's lead, but is also smart and wise to Sang's bravado. Sang is competitive and wants to win over Thap, but their personalities are not the only thing driving the rift. Sang loves Juang, Thap's sister, while Khap is madly in love with Feung, Thap's fiancee.

    Thap does not want his, or Feung's family, to retreat to the capitol, although he has to be in hiding as a deserter. Sang takes this opportunity to be the protector of Juang and Feung. He convinces Khap that they must kidnap the girls and take them to the capitol for safety, while Thap is in pursuit to retrieve them. Also for the girls' protection, Sang and Khap declare that Juang and Feung are their wives. Along the way, they meet the mysterious Jai, who has fallen for the brave and patriotic Sapai.

    The village of Bang Rajan, according to Thai tradition, is where a group of brave villagers, gathered from various regions, put up a brave fight and fought eight battles against the well organised invaders and became legendary heroes. The battle for Bang Rajan is a symbol of determination and heroism against overwhelming odds.

  • Ep 20 SUB

    Good Witch (2018) (2018)

    Good Witch (2018)
    Comedy, Family, melodrama, Romance
    A housewife too nice for her own good is married to an unemployed husband. She switches places with her selfish, opinionated twin sister, who works as a flight attendant. Although they are identical twins, they have polar opposite personalities. Aboard the plane, she meets the pilot, an abstinent bachelor, and their journey sets off.
  • Ep 28 SUB

    The Missing Half (2019)

    The Missing Half
    Friendship, Romance

    A story revolving around a car accident, coded letters and hidden secrets from the past.

    Su Yan may seem bright and cheery on the outside but inside is a young woman who is full of insecurities. Because she refuses to open up, she often gets into disagreements with her family and friends. Through the support and care of her boyfriend Lu Jin Yu, Su Yan decides to write letters to her friends on the eve before her wedding to reveal her honest feelings and a truth about the past. The letters open up old memories, yet an accident comes at the most unexpected time...