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5 nin no Junko (2015)

Other name: 5人のジュンコ / 5-nin no Junko / Go-nin no Junko / Go nin no Junko
Genre: Crime, Investigation, Mystery, Suspense
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2015
Status: Completed
Satake Junko has been arrested as the main suspect in the serial killing of 5 men. The news is making sensational headlines in variety and talk shows too. Tanabe Junko is a journalist who starts investigating into the murders, with the hope of getting a scoop out of it. She contacted Shinoda Junko, an ex-middle high school classmate of Satake, who claims to be buddies with her. Shinoda invited Tanabe to come up to her office for a chat. Meanwhile, having seen Tanabe on TV, Fukutome Junko, an ex-colleague of hers, called her up and invited her to her home. Tanabe paid her a visit, thinking she has a lead on the case, but instead, Fukutome, now a housewife, just keeps talking about her problem with the hierarchy within her company housing complex. Then one day, a man calls her, claiming that he may have been an intended victim of Satake. A man who is the son of another woman named Junko... by WOWOW
  • Ep 40 SUB

    The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung (1984)

    The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung
    Adventure, Romance, Wuxia
    Hong Kong
    Chor Lau-heung brings his three girlfriends (Lei Hung-sau, So Yung-yung and Sung Tim-yee) with him to attend Tso Hing-hau's birthday party. On the way, they meet Song Siu-ching, a spoilt and arrogant girl. After arriving at Tso's house, strange things start happening. Tso's daughter, Ming-lai, is in love with Sit Ban, a youth from a rival family. In the Sit family, Sit Yan is in love with Yip Sing-nam and wants to be with him, but her father forbids her. Tso Ming-lai and Sit Yan attempt to fake their deaths in order to resolve the feuds between their families. However, Chor Lau-heung discovers the truth and decides to secretly help the lovers be together.
  • Ep 12 SUB

    Watashitachi no Kyokasho (2007)

    Watashitachi no Kyokasho
    Mystery, School
    Tamako, an elite lawyer with a promising future, works for a reputable law firm. She is recently given an opportunity to take a case involving a young child who has been bullied at a local elementary school. Fully aware of the difficulties uncovering the truth in cases involving schools, Tamako is reluctant to proceed with her new client. Tamako is romantically involved with one of her colleagues, Naoyuki, and is hoping to further develop their relationship. However, Tamako's seemingly happy life comes to a sudden halt when she learns the news of an accident involving a young female high school student named Asuka. Asuka had apparently fallen from a classroom window on campus and suffered serious injuries. Tamako takes a strong interest in Asuka's case and immediately launches her own private investigation.
  • Ep 11 SUB

    Saki (2013)

    From the 2011 drama, Utsukushi Rinjin, Nakama Yukie reprises the character Saki. This time round, as Saki Amihama, she will be targeting men. With the facade of an angel, she draws men to her, only to lead them to a destructive end. Like a moth to the flame... but where is the line drawn between the saint and the devil? ~ Fuji TV Saki works as a nurse at the pediatrics department of a general hospital. The young patients and all men love her because of her angelic smile, her perfect cooking skills, and the sheer beauty she radiates in everything she does. However, none of them knows of her amazing ability to ruin other people’s lives while keeping her hands clean all the time. Her targets this time are the reporter of a major magazine (Miura Shohei) who is searching for his older sister, a famous lawyer (Hagiwara Masato) who is fighting for justice, and her main target – the devoted husband and board chairman of said hospital, played by Takashima Masanobu. Hamada Naomi (Uchida Yuki) is a female reporter who becomes suspicious of Saki’s behavior. ~ tokyohive
  • Ep 29 RAW

    Imperial Concubine (2020) (2020)

    Imperial Concubine (2020)
    Historical, Romance, Wuxia
    It tells the love story of Lin Ruo, the eldest lady of Lin mansion who was forced to marry the Prince of Qi, Lu Jun Yi. But Lu Jun Yi has a dark secret that nobody knows, three years ago, he was suddenly infected with a strange poison, which caused him to attack and transform every three hours, sometimes becoming another man, sometimes a woman, and sometimes a child.
  • Ep 40 RAW

    Twenty Years (2003) (2003)

    Twenty Years (2003)
    Cold Man, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Youth
  • Ep 6 SUB

    Make It Live: On The Beach (2019)

    Make It Live: On The Beach
    Drama, Romance
    Tee and Fuse make a memorable trip to the beach on their third anniversary and together they reminiscence on their early days
  • Ep 10 RAW

    Sannin no Papa (2017)

    Sannin no Papa
    Comedy, Family, Friendship

    Hirabayashi Takuto lives with his two friends Hano Kyohei and Okayama Hajime at a share house. They have been friends since high school. Takuto Hirabayashi now works at a company, Kyohei Hano works at a trading company and Hajime works for an apparel brand.

    One day, Takuto comes home from work and finds a baby sleeping in the room. Kyohei and Hajime also come home. They read a letter on the desk that says “the baby is yours.” Who is the baby’s father? All three are not very responsible and guess that one of the other two guys is the father. At that time, they notice the baby has a fever.

  • Ep 45 RAW

    Young Justice Bao III (2006) (2006)

    Young Justice Bao III (2006)
    Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance
    The third installment to the Young Justice Bao series. The series starts off with Bao Zheng's disappearance for two years, and one day he shows up and is found in a brothel-like place, but with no recollection of who he is.