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Fake News (2018) (2018)

Other name: フェイクニュース
Genre: Business, Drama
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2018
Status: Completed
Itsuki Shinonome is transferred to the Internet Media Department and assigned to a story involving green caterpillars being found in instant food. She later finds a man who has posted about this issue on social media and talks to him. A fight between companies eventually draws her in.
  • Ep 5 SUB

    U-prince Series: The Ambitious Boss (2017)

    U-prince Series: The Ambitious Boss
    Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Gangster, Romance, School

    Mantou, the favorite daughter of a Mafia boss, has a great dream of getting married once high school is over. Her parents arrange her marriage, even though the first was a failure, they expect the second to work. Brian is the son of a great chief of the West and also the owner of a large embassy. He is the future husband of Mantou.

    At first, she refuses since she feels nothing for Brian, not knowing that Brian is in a situation just like her, and he hates her. However, Brian strives so that the marriage is achieved without knowing that he, in doing so, creates a great war between the Mafia bosses.

  • Ep 9 SUB

    Liar Game - Season 2 (2009)

    Liar Game - Season 2
    Psychological, Thriller
    The naïve Kanzaki Nao and expert swindler Akiyama Shinichi have not heard anything from the LIAR GAME organization since the end of the previous game, so it seems they may have actually escaped. But Nao suddenly gets another invitation and is once again caught up in the game. This time, she has to team up with Shinichi and one of their previous rivals named Fukunaga, facing off against three more opponents in new games of deception, such as "24 Rensou Russian Roulette" and "17 Poker."
  • Ep 45 RAW

    Love Yunge from the Desert (2015) (2015)

    Love Yunge from the Desert (2015)
    Historical, Novel, political, Romance

    During the Western Han Dynasty, an eight-year-old Emperor Zhao of Han meets a girl Huo Yun Ge (daughter of Huo Qu Bing and Jin Yu from Ballad of the Desert), who rescued him from the cold of the desert. Ten years later, Huo is now a beautiful young woman, who could not forget the boy she saved. However, the emperor has long forgotten Huo, and with a new love in his life, Xu Ping Jun. The heartbroken Huo later meets a handsome Meng Jue, only later to find herself embroiled in a power struggles within the imperial palace.

    ~~ Adapted from the novel "Song in the Clouds" (云中歌) by Tong Hua (桐华).

  • Ep 21 SUB

    Happy Ending (2010)

    Happy Ending
    Sin-goo is the owner of a car bar near Daehak-ro. His 40 years of life exist without sex because he is always so busy, but he lives on a joy of making money. Joon-seung is a 20 year-old guy who recently got together with his birth mom; even though he was hard to say ‘Mom’ to her mother, he really wants to help her out by making some money. Joon-seung happened to work for Sin-goo as kitchen porter. Joon-Seung fell for Sin-goo who he felt he was like a thoughtful brother, and Sin-goo also fell for Joon-seung. One day, they spend the night together due to Sin-goo’s heavy drinking; Sin-goo also has relationship with his alumna, Seong-ja. He blames everything on an alcohol. But later on, the relationship between Sin-goo and Joon-seung gets more and more serious. On the other hand, Seong-ja thinks Sin-goo as her real lover, while Sin-goo is dazed by the fact that Seong-ja and Joon-seung are mother and son. Pretty middle aged guy Sin-goo gets blind love from both Seong-ja and Joon-Seung. Will his confused sexuality and loves of his lifetime end happily?
  • Ep 14 SUB

    Game of Love (2018) (2018)

    Game of Love (2018)
    Drama, Romance

    Within two years Muanchanok (Nok) studied abroad, her parents got divorced. Her father remarried to a former beauty queen who had the same age as hers, while her mother also flirted with several younger men. The effects of a broken family made her become jealous, ill-tempered and obsessive into getting her parents back together.

    Lakkhanai (Nai), a distant relative of Nok's mother, who grew up along with her, is a very capable man who was enjoying a top position in her father's company. He also started living at her house, which made her more furious and she wanted to eliminate him from her family.

    When Nok and Nai were forced to get married, she planned and played the game of love to hurt him. But Nai's feelings for her were sincere all along.

    Adapted from the novel "Buang Sanaeha" by Arita.

  • Ep 12 SUB

    Happy marriage ( Hapimari: Happy Marriage!?) (2016)

    Happy marriage ( Hapimari: Happy Marriage!?)
    Drama, Martial Arts
  • Ep 9 SUB

    Keiji 7 Nin 2 (7 Detectives) (2016)

    Keiji 7 Nin 2 (7 Detectives)
    While on patrol in his car, Detective Yu (Noriyuki Higashiyama) hears over the polio radio that body parts are found in the park. Detective Yu rushes over to the park. There, he sees a neck in a box.
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Love​ Lesson 010 (2024) (2024)

    Love​ Lesson 010 (2024)
    Comedy, Drama, Romance

    When a celestial being disapproves of a suave bartender's behaviour, she invades his life and makes it hard for him to keep up his romantic charades.

    (Source: Netflix)

    Tags: Impotent Male Lead, Sexual Content (Vote or add tags)

    Episodes: 8

    Duration: 54 min.

    Country: Thailand

    Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday

    Aired: Jun 12, 2024 - Jul 4, 2024

    Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older