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The Legend of Zhuohua (2023) (2023)

Other name: 灼灼风流 / 曾风流 / 女人不好好读书是要嫁人的 / 灼灼風流 / Zhuo Zhuo Feng Liu / Nv Ren Bu Hao Hao Du Shu Shi Yao Jia Ren De
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2023
Status: Completed
It tells the love story of a woman who overcomes many trials to become a female official and a general who has weathered many hardships in his road to victory. Despite being an illegitimate daughter, Mu Zhuo Hua breaks away from the path of traditional women during her time as she escapes from her own wedding and enters the capital to seek a position as a female official. In her journey, she meets Liu Yan, a man known as the god of war. He may have been defeated in battlefield but he does not waver in his resolve as he endures hardships to avenge his grievances. The two may have started out trying to use each other for their own purposes, but eventually join hands in their mission to better the nation, creating a world, where women can also enter the court as officials. (Source: ChineseDrama) Adapted from the web novel "Ceng Feng Liu" (曾风流) by Sui Yu Er An (随宇而安). Episodes: 40
  • Ep 6 RAW

    Kaisha wa Gakkou jane-n da yo - Shin Sedai Gyakushuu Hen (2021) (2021)

    Kaisha wa Gakkou jane-n da yo - Shin Sedai Gyakushuu Hen (2021)
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    With the first place in a university business competition and a father running a time-honored leather bag store, Yusuke Tsuruta is in the "outstanding" category among university students. After graduation, Yusuke decides to start a business with his classmate Kengo Sato. After declaring that "Company is not school!", he works hard every day to make his business successful.

    With the help of Tsuneta Tomomi, his girlfriend from the student days and a partner in the business competition, Yusuke gets investment from Teppei Fujimura, the president of a listed company.

    It seems that Yusuke's business is on the right track, but Teppei, who made an investment, has a certain intention...

    Unable to suppress the fury after knowing about that, Yusuke confronts Teppei but gets played down with a phrase "Company is not school!"

    How will Yusuke expand his business and grow up after hitting a big wall and suffering a setback for the first time in his successful life?

    It is a revenge story about young people who are enthusiastic about their job and life dedicated to everyone who wants to be someone and who endeavors for their job and dream while having struggles!

  • Ep 7 SUB

    Kammathep Sorn Kol (2017)

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  • Ep 11 SUB

    Cupid Above (2015)

    Cupid Above
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  • Ep 25 SUB

    Ultraman Geed (2017)

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  • Ep 5 SUB

    Nozoki Ana (2015)

    Nozoki Ana
  • Ep 12 SUB

    Janai Hou no Kanojo (2021) (2021)

    Janai Hou no Kanojo (2021)
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  • Ep 100 RAW

    Youngsters on Fire (2021) (2021)

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  • Ep 36 RAW

    Dragon Ball Legend (2017)

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