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Yin-Yang Town Strange Talk (2024) (2024)

Other name: 阴阳镇怪谈 / 陰陽鎮怪談 / Yin Yang Zhen Guai Tan
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Suspense, Thriller, Web Series
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2024
Status: Completed
Cheng Nian Yi followed Li Si Ze to visit Li Si Ze's hometown of Yin and Yang Town. The two encountered ghosts and heresies in Yin and Yang Town, and behind each bizarre incident was actually the elusive and treacherous human heart. When the truth was revealed layer by layer, Cheng Nian Yi and Li Si Ze discovered that Yin Yang Town shrouded in rumours and heresies of ghosts and gods, hid a greater secret. After many obstacles, the two teamed up to catch the murderer and demolish the Ghost Mother Temple. Thus life in Yin Yang Town's peace and quiet were restored. (Source: Episodes: 24 Duration: 10 min. Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Your Playlist (2021) (2021)

    Your Playlist (2021)
    Friendship, Miniseries, Musical, Web Series, Youth

    Life for the students at Myungsung High School gets a shake-up when |Big Daddy", a wildly popular and charismatic idol and influencer, transfers to the school. Things get even more complicated when he appears to fall head over heels for the class president Ha Eun – the most outspoken and popular female student in the class.

    But "Big Daddy" is not the only one at the school with a soft spot for Ha Eun. Yu Dong Hoo, a sophomore at the school, also has strong feelings for her. But while he is reluctant to make his feelings known to her in real life, online he has become something of an anonymous soulmate for her. He follows her on social media and cheers her from afar by sending her carefully curated musical playlists – full of songs that unfailingly fill her with joy and happiness. Meanwhile, Cha Won Young, another sophomore (and a neat, but often clumsy student) is struggling to reconcile with his best friend after a falling-out.

  • Ep 12 SUB

    Maybe This Is Love (2023) (2023)

    Maybe This Is Love (2023)
    Comedy, Romance, Youth
  • Ep 10.9 RAW

    Buang Banjathorn (2017) (2017)

    Buang Banjathorn (2017)
    Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
    Heartbroken and disappointed in love, Praenuan decides to visit the estate her estranged, late father left her in his will. There, she finds an enchanted bed that transports her back in time where she meets Laoperng, whom she later falls for. But there's trouble when Praenuan's estranged husband, who cheated on her, wants to reconcile with her.
  • Ep 5 RAW

    Tonari no Nurse Aide (2024) (2024)

    Tonari no Nurse Aide (2024)
    Comedy, Medical, Miniseries

    Sakuraba Mio, a newcomer assigned to the Department of General Surgery at the prestigious Seirei Medical University Hospital, is neither a doctor nor a nurse but her job as a nurse aide makes her the closest person to the patients. Mio is not only a caring person but also a medical geek, so she often sticks her nose into the doctor's examination and gets into trouble with other hospital staff.

    Meanwhile, the skilled handsome surgeon Ryuzaki Taiga thinks that a doctor's skill is everything to make a successful surgery. Taiga's complete opposite belief from Mio makes them often clash with each other.

    (Source: Japanese = NTV)

    Adapted from the novel "Tonari no Nurse Aide" (となりのナースエイド) by Chinen Mikito.

    Episodes: 10

    Duration: 60 min.

    Airs On: Wednesday

  • Ep 4 SUB

    Love Books Love Series: Dark Fairy Tale (2017)

    Love Books Love Series: Dark Fairy Tale
    Drama, Romance
  • Ep 12 SUB

    Best Chicken (2019)

    Best Chicken
    Comedy, Food, Romance
    A man works for a big company although his dream is to run a chicken restaurant. A woman who lives at a bathhouse that her late grandfather left behind, only leaves her home when she absolutely has to. She wants to become a webtoon writer. These two meet and grow with each other.
  • Ep 16 SUB

    Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021) (2021)

    Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)
    Comedy, melodrama, Romance

    A love story set in the seaside village of Gongjin.

    Yoon Hye Jin, who works as a dentist, is a woman who has both beauty and brains. However, her life plan falls apart because of the tiny bit of righteousness in her heart, and after various obstacles, she moves to the seashore village Gongjin and meets Hong Doo Shik. She becomes curious about him. Hong Doo Shik is called Chief Hong by the local residents. He is officially unemployed, but he is a master of odd jobs who appears to help everyone in Gongjin with any situation they run into.

  • Ep 17 RAW

    Sanae Hong Krueng (2019)

    Sanae Hong Krueng
    Food, life
    In this unconventional monthly cooking show with a hint of comedy, Golf Kittipat and Tay Tawan prepare traditional Thai cuisine in a classic Thai setting.