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Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023) (2023)

Other name: 구미호뎐 1938 / 구미호뎐 시즌2 / 구미호뎐 2 / 九尾狐传1938 / 九尾狐傳1938 / Gumihodyeon Sijeun 2 / Gumihodyeon 1938 / Gumihodyeon 2 / Tale of the Nine-Tailed 2 / Tale of the Nine-Tailed S2 / Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 2 / История девятихвостого лиса 1938
Genre: Fantasy, Gumiho, Historical, Horror, Romance
Country: Korean
Release year: 2023
Status: Completed
Lee Yeon gets involved in an unexpected case that leads him to travel back in time to the year 1938. There, Lee Yeon meets Ryu Hong Joo again. She was once a guardian spirt of a mountain in the west, but in 1938 she is the owner of the best high-end restaurant Myoyeongak in the capital city of Gyeongseong. When Ryu Hong Joo met Lee Yeon for the first time, she was fascinated by him, but she couldn’t have him. Now, she meets him again and she feels excitement. Lee Yeon also meets his younger brother Lee Rang. Meanwhile, Cheon Moo Young used to be a guardian spirit of a mountain in the east and he used to be friends with Lee Yeon and Ryu Hong Joo. A case led Cheon Moo Young to become hostile towards him. Lee Yeon struggles to go back to the present day where his loved one lives.
  • Ep 25 SUB

    Agent X 2013 (2017)

    Agent X 2013
    Action, Drama, Romance
    Synopsis: During a mission, Zhong Li and her superior, an elite agent by the name of He Jun Feng accidentally met. Two wholly different people are seemingly pulled together by fate, and sparks of love result. They are quarrelsome lovers, and often argue;yet they are a couple whether in life or death,will help each other without reason at critical moments, and risk their lives to finish one mission after the other. Yet…dangerous fights,suffocating betrayals, a fated love story and the dazzling society….everything will be ready soon.
  • Ep 20 SUB

    Medical Top Team (2013)

    Medical Top Team

    A drama about the journey of creating Korea’s best multidisciplinary medical team and the stories of doctors inside. Characters who have different hurts and dilemmas struggle as they get to work together and gradually learn that healing a person is healing oneself.

    This drama will center around Paran Hospital's unpaid doctor Park Tae Shin, a skillful medical surgeon who has a warm heart but straightforward to a fault. He is doing good deeds and works as an unpaid doctor for a struggling hospital and attempts to help it gain solid footing by joining the medical staff at Gwang Hye University Hospital.

  • Ep 37 SUB

    Ode to Joy Season 4 (2023) (2023)

    Ode to Joy Season 4 (2023)
    Cohabitation, Friendship, life, Novel, Romance, Sismance, Youth

    The five ladies on the 22nd floor of the Ode to Joy community face new challenges and opportunities in their careers, lives and relationships.

    Ye Zhen Zhen and Dai Wei really hit it off but given how devoted she is to scientific research, she is inevitably caught in all kinds of criticism at work and the tug-of-war between the two families. Fang Zhi Heng gradually walks out of the shadows of her past thanks to her lovely group of friends. Zhu Zhe may have a difficult boss, but she believes there is no road that is forever blocked and there will be opportunities for ordinary people to shine. He Min Hong experiences more setbacks and under the influence of her boyfriend, she drifts away from the girls. Yu Chu Hui focuses on work and she's no longer as confused as she once was after graduation. The 22nd floor is like a safe haven. Although there will be disputes and doubts among the five ladies, they have each other's backs.


    Episodes: 37

    Duration: 45 min.

    Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

    Cinematographer: Sun Shao Hua [孙少华]

  • Ep 16 SUB

    Melting Me Softly (2019)

    Melting Me Softly
    Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi

    This drama tells the story of a man and a woman who are both frozen during an experiment. They wake up 20 years later instead of 24 hours later and must keep their body temperature above 30°C in order to survive.

    Ma Dong Chan is known in the entertainment world as a “hit maker.” A very successful producer of variety programs when every project he attaches himself to turns into a ratings juggernaut, Dong Chan is considered “a manly specimen of manhood, with perfect physical and handsome features who is coldly cool in work and hot in love.” The broadcast station where PD Ma’s productions are filmed also employs part-timer Go Mi Ran, who finds herself in a bind with debt collectors harassing her family for repayment of her family’s debts.

    Mi Ran eventually becomes involved with PD Ma’s new variety program entitled “24-Hour Frozen Human Project,” which revolves around an experiment where a man and woman are randomly chosen to be “frozen human specimens” and scheduled to be brought back within 24 hours of their entering the freezing chambers. In order to pay off her family debts, Mi Ran accepts an offer of 5 million won (approx. $4,200 USD) in exchange for being frozen for 24 hours. Due to a mysterious conspiracy, instead of being frozen for 24 hours, they remain frozen for 20 years. Their thawing 20 years later bring up personal difficulties that were in place before entering the freezing chamber that they must resolve before resuming their normal lives.

  • Ep 16 SUB

    Sweet 18 (2004) (2004)

    Sweet 18 (2004)
    Comedy, Contract Relationship, Romance

    Kwon Hyuk Joon's grandfather, the head of the traditional Kwon family agrees to an arranged marriage between his grandson, Hyuk Joon, and Yoon Jung Sook when Yoon Jung Sook is born. Eventually, the two families lose contact with each other, because soon after the contract is signed, Jung Sook's family encounters financial issues and is forced to run away.

    18 years later, Jung Sook has grown up to be a rebellious and strong-willed girl who just wants to live her life as she sees fit. With little aspirations, she is the direct foil of her achievement-bound counterpart, Hyuk Joon. When the two meet again, they clash horribly; Jung Sook thinks her fiancee is nothing but boring, and Hyuk Joon believes Jung Sook to be nothing but an immature child. Despite this, they marry. What follows is the story of their new life living together as a couple, and the obstacles they are faced with.

  • Ep 11 SUB

    Ustad Milenial (2021) (2021)

    Ustad Milenial (2021)
    Other Asia
    After graduating from a famous Islamic school, Ahmad has a plan to continue his study in Cairo, Egypt to become a preacher. Everything seems on the track until his father passes away and mandates Ahmad to continue their family business. Ahmad with his friends and family has to save the business from bankruptcy, face a complicated love triangle, and pursue his dream to become a millennial preacher that can inspire other people.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Romil and Jugal (2017)

    Romil and Jugal
    Drama, Romance
    What happens when two men fall madly in love? Watch this fun and fresh take on Romeo and Juliet with a never-seen-before twist.
  • Ep 42 SUB

    Never Say Never (2019)

    Never Say Never
    Crime, Investigation, Suspense, Thriller
    Fang Han whose girlfriend, an undercover agent named Luo Fei, is killed in the line of duty. To make matters worse, the team that Fang Han works for proves to be unsuccessful in putting a stop to criminals engaged in gun smuggling and drug dealing. They suffer heavy casualties and the criminal mastermind escapes. Under the behest of the police chief, Fang Han decides to finish the mission that his late girlfriend started. He goes undercover to put a stop to the drug ring and ultimately bring Luo Fei's killer to justice.