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Stick to the Script! (2022) (2022)

Other name: 师兄,请按剧本来 / 师兄请按剧本来 / 師兄,請按劇本來 / Shi Xiong, Qing An Ju Ben Lai
Genre: Manhua
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2022
Status: Completed
A fantasy and romance story between Wang Xiao Yu, a sophomore vocal art student who accidentally entered in the world of TV dramas and Xiao Tian Yu, the second male figure in the drama. Adapted from the manhua "Brother, Please Follow the Script!" (师兄,请按剧本来!) by Lan Zi (岚梓) and Fan Qi Animation (番奇动漫).
  • Ep 43 RAW

    Si Thep Poo Pitak (2019)

    Si Thep Poo Pitak
    Comedy, Fantasy
    Four guardian Gods join forces to protect the world, with the power of 4 magical items. You have the Earth God, the Wind God, the Water God and the Fire God who is cursed to come to the human world.
  • Ep 9 SUB

    Bloody Monday Season 2 (2010)

    Bloody Monday Season 2
    Action, Suspense
    Whereas the first series dealt with a deadly Russian weapons-grade virus, the new season is set two years later when an aircraft bearing a new kind of nuclear weapon threatens Tokyo.
  • Ep 37 SUB

    Hot Girl (2016)

    Hot Girl
    Action, Martial Arts, Military, Romance, Youth
    Guan Xiao Di is a rebellious girl. By chance, she enrolled into a bodyguard training center and befriended an arrogant boy and four talented girls. Through the grueling training program, she transformed into a legendary bodyguard.
  • Ep 45 RAW

    Legacy (2022) (2022)

    Legacy (2022)
    Business, Drama, Family, Historical, War
    Set in the late 1920s, it follows the three daughters of Shanghai department store giant Xinghua as they go head to head against each other to determine the true heir who will ensure the family’s continued prosperity.
  • Ep 70 SUB

    Three Brothers (2009)

    Three Brothers
    Drama, Romance
    Kim Sun Kyung is a retired police officer and father of three sons, Gun Kang, Hyun Chal and Yi Sang. His eldest son Gun Kang made many wrong decisions in life, ending up being divorced and going bankrupt. Gun Kang gets remarried to Chung Nan. His second son Hyun Chal is the envy of the town and pride of his father. He runs a number of businesses which are quite successful. His wife Woo Mi often sacrificed her happiness for the benefit of the Kim family. As for the last son Yi Sang, he follows in his father's footsteps by becoming a police officer. Oftentimes the father and the son clash each other. As Yi Sang married Eo Young, the daughter of his father's deadly foe, an ex-convict Sun Kyung traced and eventually arrested a long time ago. "Three brothers" revolves around their relations full of conflicts and love
  • Ep 5 SUB


    Based on the same-titled novel by Raymond Chandler, the drama is set in Tokyo, in the 50's. Harada Tamotsu was suspected of murdering his wife, the actress Harada Shizuka. He then fled to Taiwan and had apparently committed suicide over there. However, Tamotsu’s friend Masuzawa Banji, who works as a private detective, has doubts about Tamotsu’s death, but the incident is hushed up by Harada Heizo, a powerful media mogul. Soon after, Masuzawa is pulled into another case involving the neighbors of the Harada family, a drunk novelist Kamiido Joji. His investigations lead him to a publishing company editor, Haneoka, and to the sister of the murdered Shizuka, Takamura Yoshino. Most but not least, he is introduced to Joji's beautiful wife, Aiko, who seems to be the key to both the cases.
  • Ep 26 RAW

    Twenties Once Again (2018)

    Twenties Once Again
    Comedy, Family, Romance, Supernatural

    A story about rekindling the romance as an old married couple find themselves in their twenties once more and the hilarious hijinks that arise from adjusting to life as young people.

    Shen Meng Jun has too many problems to bear. Her son has failed in his own ventures and begs for her help in paying off his debts. She needs money to pay for a house as her daughter's about to getmarried but she gets scammed and has to borrow from an old friend at the expense of being humiliated. Meanwhile, her do-gooder husband Xiang Da Hai continues to lend money to others because he doesn't know how to turn anyone away. They have a huge fight and Shen Meng Jun swallows half a bottle of sleeping pills in a fit of anger. Surprisingly, she becomes twenty year old once again. This time around, Shen Meng Jun is determined to live for herself. However, her husband discovers her secret and downs the remaining half of the sleeping pills. He wakes up as a young handsome man and becomes Meng Jun's competitor on the stage.

  • Ep 25 RAW

    Escape Guide (2023) (2023)

    Escape Guide (2023)
    Fantasy, Horror, Novel, Suspense, Thriller, Web Series
    Adapted from a webnovel "Wo You Yi Fen Tao Sheng Zhi Nan" (我有一份逃生指南) by Yi Li Hui Jin (一粒灰烬).