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Song of Life (2022) (2022)

Other name: 三悦有了新工作 / 我来自民政局 / Wo Lai Zi Min Zheng Ju / San Yue You Le Xin Gong Zuo / I'm From the Civil Affairs Bureau / San Yue Has a New Job
Genre: life
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2022
Status: Ongoing
It tells the story of growth of a young female undertaker.
  • Ep 30 SUB

    Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing (2021) (2021)

    Guan Ni Lai Zi Na Ke Xing (2021)
    Xing Xing is the owner of a traditional hanfu clothing shop. She has a bright personality and is very hard working. One day, she was kidnapped by a mysterious man from Tianting Xing. Tianting Xing is a celestial star sect from heaven that has existed for the past 5000 years. She also has unexpectedly fallen in love with Yu Tianqi, the grandson of Tianting Xing leader. As she learned more about the Celestial Stars, she discovered that she was actually the crystallization of the forbidden love affair of the human 'immortal'. The half-human half-immortal in the world was an excellent material for cultivating "Mortal Pills". At the same time, because of her love affair with Tianqi, she was regarded as a thorn in the eye by the leader of Tianting xing, and he wanted to get rid of her. How should Xing Xing deal with the prevailing problems? How should her love with Tianqi continue? Xingxing and Tianqi wanted to stay on Earth forever for love and decided to solve these unknown mysteries together.
  • Ep 7 RAW

    Omoshiro Nankyoku Ryorinin (2019)

    Omoshiro Nankyoku Ryorinin
    Adventure, Drama, Friendship
    The Japanese 38th South Pole research expedition team are at the Dome base. Located 1,000 km away from the main Showa base at an altitude of 3,800 m, it is called the most inhospitable place on earth with an average temperature of -54 deg Celsius. No living thing or even a virus can survive in such an environment. Three of the seven-member expedition team are researchers and the remaining four are support personnel. However, they are common men who have to live together in the confined space of the Dome base for one year. The only joy they can speak of is the time when everyone eats delicious food. There is little else except starkness, oppressiveness, stress, anxiety, apprehension of living in such extreme conditions with nowhere to escape to and no one to rely on besides fellow team members.
  • Ep 3 SUB

    Goen Hunter (2013)

    Goen Hunter
    Drama, Romance

    37-year-old Hasumi Rika is the customer centre supervisor at a medium-sized mail order company. Her father has passed away and because her younger sister married first, she lives in the family home with her mother. She has always thought to herself that it is her part to look after her mother Tomoko in her old age.

    One day, Rika is invited by her yoga instructor Kiyota Etsuko to attend a marriage hunting party and finds herself paired with Sakamoto Eikichi, a man who does not even maintain his nostril hair. Meanwhile, Tomoko suddenly declares that she is remarrying. Worried about her mother, Rika accesses the marriage hunting website she has used. She is initially doubtful but arranges to meet a man who sent her an email. She gradually gets into the “marriage hunting market” and becomes involved in it. At first, she makes light of it, thinking that a person like herself will be able to find a good partner immediately. But she sees with her own eyes the marriage hunting situation of a female around 40 and is made to realise her own value on the “market”.

    However, her competitive spirit and the encouragement of fellow marriage hunters makes her continue marriage hunting. As Rika does so, she learns what kind of person she is, what she truly wants and what really matters in life. Just as she is starting to look once again at the marriage and future that she wishes for …

  • Ep 40 RAW

    Future Mr. Right (2016) (2016)

    Future Mr. Right (2016)
    Drama, Family, Mystery, Romance
    A programmer from the 2045 was accused of murdering of a young man. In his quest to clear his name, his discovered the perpetrator not only shared his face and his name, he committed the crime over 30 years ago. He traveled back in time to stop his doppelganger and a woman from a photo in 2015 may be the key to track the man down.
  • Ep 20 SUB

    Princess Lulu (2005)

    Princess Lulu
    Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Does a love story only exist in tales?

    Will the Real Prince and Snow White live a happy life described in the tale?

    The rich-born girl Go Hee Soo (Kim Jung Eun) treats Kim Chan Ho (Kim Heung Soo) like her birth younger brother, with the playboy Kang Woo Jin (Jung Joon Ho), who plays triangle relations part with the two. You will see the endless climaxes and love stories.

    Go Hee Soo is the granddaughter of the president of the biggest group KS in Korea. Raised by her grandfather, she is charming and elegant. However, she feels regret that she has lost her birth mom who passed away in a plane accident with Chan Ho's parents. One day she meets Woo Jin, who has just come back after study from the UK. She is attracted by the carefree Kang Woo Jin as he shows her a world she never knew. But Chan Ho, a very good friend of Kang Woo Jin, grew up with Hee Soo and never regarded her as elder sister. This triangle relationship make the three people in endless complex love problem.

  • Ep 12 RAW

    We Are In Love (2015)

    We Are In Love
    This is the Chinese version of the South Korean variety show "We Got Married."
  • Ep 10 RAW

    Anata wa Dandan Hoshikunaru (2022) (2022)

    Anata wa Dandan Hoshikunaru (2022)
    Friendship, Miniseries, Romance, Youth
  • Ep 30 RAW

    Gun Metal Grey (2010) (2010)

    Gun Metal Grey (2010)
    Action, Crime, Law
    Hong Kong
    When a cop expresses his grievance and anger onto the world, he becomes the most dangerous man on the force. Taken from the top ten famous unsolved cases in Hong Kong, Gun Metal Grey depicts a cop's road to destruction as well as the very truth of human nature. Fifteen years ago, upright police officer Shek Tung-sing was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to prison. Now that he has been discharged, he decides to get to the bottom of the case. Unfortunately, he is unable to bring the culprit to justice because of lack of evidence.As a result, his suppressed anger continues to churn within him and whenever the law fails to carry out justice, he takes matters into his own hand.The sudden change in his character and behavior places his friendship with his teammate Mai On-ting to the test. Later, when he is trying to prevent Ting from looking further into the case, he even hurts Ting's girlfriend, Hui Man-him. The competition begins to intensify between the two good friends when Ting is determined to deal with Sing according to the law.