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Scams (2019)

Other name: スカム , Scum , Sukamu
Genre: Drama
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2019
Status: Completed
Seijitsu Kusano graduated from a prestigious university and landed a job at a large company. His life seemed to be on a smooth sailing journey, but things change drastically for him. Due to the Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy, Seijitsu Kusano is laid off from his job. This is just 6 months after he started work there. Making things worse, his sick father requires expensive medical treatment that his insurance does not cover. Seijitsu Kusano is also pressured by a bank to repay his student loan. He is now in a desperate situation. Seijitsu Kusano then sees a notice for a job that promises lavish pay. His job turns out to require Seijitsu Kusano to withdraw money from elderly people's bank accounts. These people are victims of voice phishing. Based on nonfiction novel "Rojin Kui" by Daisuke Suzuki
  • Ep 12 SUB

    Between Us (2022) (2022)

    Between Us (2022)
    BL, Childhood, Neighbours, Romance, Trauma

    Team is a talented swimmer who just entered university. However, when it comes to swim competitions, he's never able to perform to the best of his abilities. When swim team upperclassman Win comes to know that the problem doesn't lie in Team's abilities or dedication, but rather his trauma and the sleeping difficulties it causes, he offers up his own room for Team to stay in. With the comfort of company, Team's performance starts to improve and feelings start to grow between the two young men. But Team isn't the only one with issues from his past preventing him from moving forward. Win struggles with how to handle receiving love and how to give special treatment to those closest to him. Occurring parallel to the events of "Until We Meet Again," this story focuses on how Win and Team come to know and inspire growth in each other.

    Adapted from the novel "Hemp Rope" (เชือกป่าน) by lazysheep.

  • Ep 13 SUB

    Midnight Photo Studio (2024) (2024)

    Midnight Photo Studio (2024)
    Curse, Drama, Law, Romance, Supernatural, Workplace

    Seo Ki Joo is a photographer and runs a small photo studio. He is the 7th owner of the photo studio and the shop is only for ghosts. Ki Joo takes portraits of the ghosts that come into the store.

    Han Bom is a lawyer who is passionate about her work and does not tolerate injustice. Somehow, she ends up in a partnership with Ki Joo's photo studio. The studio also has two employees: Assistant Manager Go and Baek Nam Gu. Assistant Manager Go is in charge of bringing in ghosts as customers, and Nam Gu is in charge of taking care of small chores around the store.

    (Source: AsianWiki)

    Episodes: 16

    Duration: 60 min.

    Airs On: Monday, Tuesday

  • Ep 15 SUB

    Real:Time:Love (2019) (2019)

    Real:Time:Love (2019)
    Childhood, Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Romance, School, Sitcom, Web Series, Youth
    Hong Yun has been friends with Ye Chan since elementary school, they are 18 years old and they both dream of love. The guy is in love with 20-year-old Ji Hyo, once he confessed his feelings to her, but for her the guy is just a friend. Hong Yun is already dating the ninth boyfriend, but he devotes more time to games than his girlfriend, so she decides to break up, especially since a new handsome Hae Jin has appeared on the horizon. The guy had just transferred to their class and immediately asked Hong Yun to date. True, not everything is so smooth here, it seems the guy is not saying something ...
  • Ep 12 SUB

    Hanayome to Papa (2008)

    Hanayome to Papa
    Comedy, Romance, Family
    Aiko Uzaki (Satomi ISHIHARA) is a "daddy's girl" who was raised by her father as her mother died when she was one. Her father, Kentaro (Saburo TOKITO) has set up some strict rules and controlled his daughter's life literally 24-7. Now that she's 20 years old and has started working for a fashionable clothing company, it's only natural that she expects some freedom, but that's not what her father thinks. When she falls in love with a nice young man, Seiji MIURA (Junnosuke TAGUCHI), even her strict father reluctantly accepts the fact that his daughter has her own life, but then, they have to overcome some difficulties. This is a heartwarming comedy about an outrageous yet strong bond between a father and a daughter who try to find out the true meaning of happiness through lots of laughter and tears.
  • Ep 27 SUB

    Young Blood Season 2 (2023) (2023)

    Young Blood Season 2 (2023)
    Action, Espionage, Historical, Investigation, Mystery, Teamwork, Youth

    During the reign of Qingli, young spies were being trained in order to maintain peace and stability among various ethnic groups in the Northern Song Dynasty. A six-member team is formed that includes the intelligent Yuan Zhong Xin, the beautiful and astute Zhao Jian, Xiao Jing, who never kills, Wang Kuan, who never lies, Xue Ying, who keeps to himself, and Wei Ya Nei, who has a cheerful personality.

    (Source: ChineseDrama)

    Two versions available: 30 episodes (TV) | 27 episodes (Online)

  • Ep 30 SUB

    A Story of LaLas Promotion (2010)

    A Story of LaLas Promotion
    Drama, Romance

    Du Lala is an entry-level employee at a small marketing firm. She manages to catch the attention of Wang Wei, marketing director at DB (large firm) during a career fair though she left a funny yet disturbing impression on HR. She is extremely naive in relationships and tries to see the good in everyone. Lala's greatest attribute is she tries to befriend her coworkers who are also trying to gain rank and pull one over her. Throughout the entire series, Lala matures as an individual seeking her position and value in the DB.

    Wang Wei is the marketing director of DB. In the beginning, Wei holds an prestigious position in both the firm and the industry. He is known for his notorious charismatic skills as a playboy. After meeting Lala and seeing her endearing though sometimes frustratingly naive ways, he changes and attempts to build a stable life just for her. He does have many secrets with regards to his past, one involving his ex-wife, Daisy. He loves to constantly tease Lala though he truly loves her.

  • Ep 5 SUB

    Fence (2023) (2023)

    Fence (2023)
    Drama, Miniseries, Suspense, Thriller

    Komatsu Kie, a magazine writer from Tokyo, teams up with Omine Sakura, an Okinawa native, to pursue the truth of a sexual assault case.

    (Source: Drama-Otaku)

    Episodes: 5

  • Ep 34 SUB

    The Eight (2020) (2020)

    The Eight (2020)
    Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, political, War

    An ordinary college student accidentally becomes entangled in the open warfare and veiled strife of a complicated world.

    The Eight revolves around martial arts experts of Jianghu in the face of a seismic change. As his involvement deepens, Hua Min Chu takes a step closer to his real identity and becomes a hero of the people.