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A Killer Paradox (2024) (2024)

Other name: 살인자o난감 / 살인자ㅇ난감 / 殺人者o難堪 / Murderer o Nangam / Sarinjaonangam / SarinjaㅇNangam / Murder DIEary / Murderous Toy / The Murderer and the Toy / The Murderer & the Toy / Дневник убийцы
Genre: Comedy, Detective, Drama, Miniseries, Murder, Mystery, Serial Killer, Supernatural, Suspense, Thriller
Country: Korean
Release year: 2024
Status: Completed
The story follows Lee Tang, an ordinary college student, who gets into an argument with a customer during a part-time job at a convenience store at night, unconsciously swings a hammer, and kills him. Suffering from guilt and fear of murder, Lee Tang learns one day that the person he killed was a serial killer and slowly realizes that he has a supernatural ability to identify "bad seeds". He soon becomes a dark hero who punishes people who committed unethical evils in the past. A cold-blooded, charismatic and persistent detective starts to chase Lee Tang. (Source: Adapted from the webtoon "Sarinjaonangam" (살인자ㅇ난감). Episodes: 8 Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity) Airs On: Friday
  • Ep 62 SUB

    General and I (2017)

    General and I
    Historical, Romance
    General and I (Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang) – 孤芳不自赏 – Bai Ping Ting had never believed in the saying that “ladies without a talent is a virtue.” She is Xiao Jing An Wang’s maid, yet lives with more dignity than the usual ladies, what she relies on is not beauty, but instead is her head that is more wise and intelegent than that of a man’s. She does not need others to sympathize on her average appearance. What she wants is another soul of the same level as her, whom she can compete with. So, even if that man is the general of the the opponent country, even if all between them is deceits and schemes, she is still unable to not be tempted by this man. If between love and loyalty, there is only one choice, she can only hope, Chu Bei Jie’s love, is not as deep as she expects…
  • Ep 36 SUB

    The Imperial Coroner (2021) (2021)

    The Imperial Coroner (2021)
    Historical, Investigation, Medical, Mystery, Romance

    Young girl Chu Chu came from a family of coroners. She meets Prince Xiao Jinyu, a dignified prince in charge of criminal lawsuit who appeared weak and sickly. Prince Xiao lacks reliable manpower to investigate case, while Chu Chu lacks people to stepup, take charge and be a man.

    Together, they manage to unravel a shocking case that has dragged on for 18 years. After solving the case, she won the Emperor's approval and is finally certified as the Imperial Coroner, fulfilling her life goal.

    Adapted from the novel "Yu Ci Xiao Wu Zuo" (御赐小仵作) by Qing Xian Ya Tou (清闲丫头).

  • Ep 24 RAW

    The Menu (2015)

    The Menu
    Hong Kong
    When hotshot editor Wang parachutes in to revamp a small free newspaper on the verge of closure, their lead journalist, Ning, loses her autonomy – which makes them mortal enemies. Rookie reporter Mak, whose idol is Ning, joins her in...
  • Ep 16 SUB

    Thirty Something (2015)

    Thirty Something
    When a 30-year-old woman hits a career and personal low, can she rebuild her life? He Mei Liang (Kimi Hsia) should be at the peak of her career and life, but she actually finds herself out of a job. She used to work in medical equipment sales, but she let people walk all over her while she was too afraid to stand up for herself, so she ends up hitting rock bottom.
  • Ep 44 SUB

    The Penalty Zone (2020) (2020)

    The Penalty Zone (2020)
    Coma, Crime, Detective, Mystery, police, Web Series

    A story that follows undercover cop Gan Tianlei who spent 10 years of his life walking a gray area. After waking up from a serious injury, he restarts his life and tries to solve a case by relying on his lost memories.

    Gan Tianlei, Yang Xiaolei and Xiong Guoliang used to be the solid trio of the police academy. However, Gan Tianlei was dismissed after he wounded someone in order to help Yang Xiaolei. After leaving the academy, he moves south to make a living and was recruited by Che Lizi of the Caesar Group.

    Gan Tianlei encounters undercover police Uncle Hai and due to his influence, Gan Tianlei begins working as an informant for Tai Yongfeng. He eventually receives a special appointment to become a policeman in order to bring down Caesar Group. Before they could succeed, Gan Tianlei gets caught in an explosion and falls into a coma. Eight years later, Gan Tianlei awakes in the hospital with no memories. The case against Caesar Group has been dismissed due to lack of evidence and Gan Tianlei's memory may be the only key.

  • Ep 36 RAW

    Manee Naka (2019) (2019)

    Manee Naka (2019)
    Fantasy, Murder, Romance

    Manee Naet a Naka/Serpent, who is known for her beauty sneaks to earth while her fiancé Mujalin Nakarat is observing religious precepts (meditation) during Buddhist Lent. Manee comes across a human name Chonlathit who was victim of an attempted murder. She sacrificed a glass orb to save his life. Her choice binds them together as they are now telepathically connected. They can sense and see events that occurs within the other person as if they were in the scenario themselves. Chonlathit is the heir of a massive fortune who has an assassination order taken out on his life, for his inheritance. Manee happens to find Chonlathit because Tatchai’s men attempt to drown him.

    After saving his life, Manee lives with Chonlathit and learns of the human world. She becomes immersed by humans and their way of life. She is often bullied by Dutjan, who is in love with Chonlathit. One day, Manee is unable to tolerate Dutjan’s bullying and transform into her Nakee form. Luckily she is able to erase their memories as she does with anyone who finds out her secret. Pakee who is Chonlathit’s best friend attempts to find the culprit behind his murder plot and is certain that it is Tatchai.

    However, one day Chonlathit sees her in her Nakee form. Initially, he feared her but the power of love allowed him to accept her for who she is. Without noticing, Chonlathit had fallen for Manee Naet. Despite their strong bonded love, there are many obstacles that await the human and his serpent princess. King Mujalin Nakarat who has come to retrieve Manee Naet, the contant plots to murder Chonlathit, Ninrat (another Nakee who is in love with Mujalin) attempts to ruin Manee Naet, Sadayu who is Cholathit’s heart’s competitor. The chaos and constant interference in their lives causes Manee to take her form as a Nakee and harm innocent people. In the end will the love of the serpent princess and her human end happily ever after?

  • Ep 14 SUB

    Its Okay Daddys Girl (2010)

    Its Okay Daddys Girl
    Drama, Family, Romance
    Eun Chae-Ryung (Moon Chae-Won) is the youngest daughter in her family and relies on her father Eun Ki-Hwan (Lee Jeong-Kil) completely . Through an accident by the father their family collapses and Eun Chae-Ryung must get through difficult times to finally become a grownup. Eun Ki-Hwa is a married father with a wife, two daughters and a son. His oldest daughter is Eun Ae-Ryung (Lee Hee-Jin) a full-time lecturer. Younger daughter Eun Chae-Ryung (Moon Chae-Won) is childish and "daddy's girl". Youngest son Eun Ho-Ryung (Kang-Won) depends on his father completely. Park Jong-Suk ( Jeon Tae-Soo) is Chae-Ryung's senior and his father is the head of a prestigious law firm. Jong-Suk is interested in Chae-Ryung, because Chae-Ryung shows no interest in him, even with his wealthy background. Jong-Suk then concocts a plan and pays Choi Duk-Ki (Shin Min-Soo ) to take part. Duk-Ki attempts to kidnap Chae-Ryung, but is foiled by her father Eun Ki-Hwa. During the planned kidnap, a struggle takes place and Jong-Suk learns that his plan was botched. An argument later ensues between Jong-Suk & Duk-Ki, with Jong-Suk unintentionally killing Duk-Ki. Due to unfortunate circumstances Eun Ki-Hwan, the dad, becomes the prime suspect and is charged with involuntary manslaughter. Meanwhile, Jong-Suk confesses what happened to his parents. His parents covers up Jong-Suk's crime. Under all this pressure, the dad, Eun Ki-Hwan, collapses with a cerebral hemorrhage. Eun Ki-Hwan is now unable to take care of himself and his family collapses. His wife Heo Sook-Hee (Kim Hye-Ok) is unable to handle the situation. Eun Ae-Ryung the eldest daughter gets married to Jung Jin-Goo (Kang Sung), the son of a hospital owner, with a promise that her new parents-in-law will give treatment to her father. But after her marriage, her in-laws do not keep their promise. Jin-Goo seems only interested in playing around with other woman and not working ...
  • Ep 26 RAW

    Mor Pee Cyber (2015)

    Mor Pee Cyber
    Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance
    Kong Sorawit Suboon as Kata ///// Pat Napapa Thantrakul as Prai Saitarn/Chonticha (Twin Character)//// Saitaan and Choneecha were twin sisters. When they were little, their boat sank and so their parents had to save them. Unfortunetly, the parents drowned and so was Saitaan. Choneecha was the only survivor and she was adopted by another family. Even though Saitaan had drown, the spirits of the water saved her and made her their adopted child underwater. Years later, they grew up. Choneecha is a very nice, patient, girly girl who can't speak up for herself. On the other hand, her twin sister is the opposite of her. One day, the sisters met each other and the secrets were exposed by the spirits. Both of the girls never knew about the incident that had happened years ago. Choneecha had an accident and her spirit went out of her body. The water spirits said that it's time for Saitaan to replace Choneecha because Choneecha can only live half her life as human and the other half, Saitaan