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Muay Sading Mat Sing Saifah (2023) (2023)

Other name: มวยสะดิ้ง หมัดซิ่ง สายฟ้า
Genre: Drama
Country: Thailand
Release year: 2023
Status: Completed
  • Ep 30 SUB

    My Deskmate (2021) (2021)

    My Deskmate (2021)
    Comedy, Romance, School, Web Series, Youth
    The story of a energetic "fan" and a cold and intelligent "idol", who become desk mates; leading to a series of hilarious encounters.
  • Ep 27 SUB

    Gourmet in Tang Dynasty (2021) (2021)

    Gourmet in Tang Dynasty (2021)
    Drama, Food, Historical, Web Series

    No matter how bad things got, Xiao Xiao took comfort in knowing that food would always be there to comfort her.

    There’s just one problem with loving food. When you live in a world where thinness is hailed as the ultimate standard of beauty, an intense passion for food feels a bit like a curse. Which is why, on more than one occasion, Xiao Xiao has wished she could have lived during the time of the Tang Dynasty, where plump women were considered to be the epitome of beauty. Tired of being harassed about her size, Xiao Xiao wishes with all her heart that she could transport back in time. Little does she know, her wishes are about to come true! Passing out in the modern world, Xiao Xiao awakes to find herself possessing the body of Yuan Wan Er, a painfully thin Tang Dynasty girl whose frail form has kept all the potential suitors away.

    Thrilled by the chance to live her dream, Xiao Xiao embraces her new life as Wan Er. But life in the Tang Dynasty is a bit more complicated than she originally imagined it to be, especially once a certain gentleman catches her eye. Will Xiao Xiao really be able to survive in this unfamiliar world?

  • Ep 30 RAW

    Khat chueak (2015)

    Khat chueak
    Action, Drama, Romance
  • Ep 14 SUB

    Detectives of Seonam Girls High School (2014)

    Detectives of Seonam Girls High School
    Drama, Friendship, Investigation, life, School
    Chae Yul is an exemplary student who has a genius brother who gets all the attention in her family, which makes her feel inferior. After failing to get into a highly-competitive, top-ranked foreign-language high school, she is forced to enroll at Seonam Girl’s High School by her mother who figures that Chae Yul could get straight As at a less-competitive public high school. She believed that it would eventually help Chae Yul get into a top university. On her first day at the all-girls high school, Chae Yul is assaulted by “Biter,” a perverted and demented guy. This incident quickly spreads through the school and everyone gossips about it. To avoid peer attention, she hides in a secluded spot on campus. But she also happens to pass by Mr. Yeon Jun, one of the school’s teachers. “This cologne… It’s the exact same cologne that the “Biter” was wearing!’ Now Chae Yul becomes highly suspicious of Yeon Jun. Her inexplicable karmic connection with Yeon Jun, the mystery teacher, begins. While Chae Yul is still confused by everything that is happening around her, four strange girls who call themselves the “Seonam Girl’s High School Detectives” bump into her. “We’re also victims of ‘Biter.’ Help us track him down,” the girls say. It was such an odd request and Chae Yul refused to join them, but she eventually finds herself helping the group find the offender. To their surprise, they uncover an uncomfortable secret that goes much deeper than they could have ever imagined!
  • Ep 24 SUB

    Xiao Yuan Man (2024) (2024)

    Xiao Yuan Man (2024)
    Comedy, Family
  • Ep 24 RAW

    Fight For Love (2023) (2023)

    Fight For Love (2023)
    Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Time Travel, Transmigration, Web Series

    Zhong Li unexpectedly traveled to the ancient period and became the wife of a foolish husband, Mo Qing Ye. Faced with repeated oppression from her relatives, Zhong Li decided to take her husband away from their family. The two of them conquer each and every obstacle ahead of them, but will their ending be filled with happiness?

    (Source: WeTV)

    Episodes: 24

    Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Ep 42 SUB

    Les Interpretes (2016)

    Les Interpretes
    Drama, Romance
    A drama that tells of the story between a university student majoring in French studies, and a professional interpreter. Though they start off on the wrong foot, it eventually develops into romantic relationship.
  • Ep 36 SUB

    The Neuron Doctors (2022) (2022)

    The Neuron Doctors (2022)
    Medical, Suspense, Teamwork, Thriller
    A renowned hospital is recruiting experts from all over the world to assist with the establishment of a world-class research and treatment center. Han Xilin, who has been studying Chinese medicine in the United States for many years, and Ding Yuanzhi, who is well-versed in academia and has returned from Germany, emerge as top candidates. Along with Pan Xiaoai and Li Qiao, two of the best young resident doctors, the two of them began an exciting competition and co-operation.