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Master of My Own (2022) (2022)

Other name: 请叫我总监 / Qing Jiao Wo Zong Jian / Please Call Me CEO / Please Call Me Director
Genre: Novel, Romance
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2022
Status: Completed
Ning Meng has always had a dream of becoming an investment director, but the work she can do after graduation is far from her dream. Her boss, Lu Jiming, is an investment president with strong business capabilities. He does not think Ning Meng can also become a qualified investor. One day Ning Meng finally made up her mind to leave Lu Jiming and prove to him and herself that she could do it. Ning Meng re-applied for a job. After all obstacles, she finally entered Eagle Stone Investment and began her promotion. In the process, Lu Jiming was also paying attention to Ning Meng. At first, he did not approve, but at an important juncture, Ning Meng would be mentioned to help her through the difficulties. Lu Jiming's long-term investment philosophy has benefited Ning Meng greatly, and Ning Meng also changed Lu Jiming's attitude towards life. The two influenced each other and went hand in hand. After going through countless twists and turns, Ning Meng transformed into a unique gold investor. Lu Jiming also learned to be more mature and responsible. They believe that each other is the most correct person.
  • Ep 46 RAW

    Besdong Aphiniha (2015)

    Besdong Aphiniha
    Fantasy, Supernatural
    girl goes in search for her father in a forest taking help from a forest guide. Unbeknownst to them, the forest is enchanted and keeps throwing them through time.
  • Ep 11 RAW

    Rabuho no Ueno-san 2 (Love Hotel's Mr Ueno Season 2) (2017)

    Rabuho no Ueno-san 2 (Love Hotel's Mr Ueno Season 2)
    Ueno works at Gotanda Kingdom, a love hotel in Gotanda, Tokyo. It is an environment where it is easy for human nature to be laid bare and he usually hides and is discrete for customers’ sake. However, Ueno objectively sees the true feelings of men and women who have difficulty understanding each other and appeals to them by offering sound advice. He rather sadistically teaches them tricks to be popular regardless of gender through the experiences he has analyzed.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Yeut Fah Ha Pigat Ruk (2017)

    Yeut Fah Ha Pigat Ruk
    Action, Cohabitation, Drama, Military, Romance, Terrorist

    Captain Karan Hanyotin received a secret mission from his Air Force Commando Unit. He was told by his commander to protect Dr. Irene Areeya, a researcher whom he saved from a research facility that was bombed. The other researchers were kidnapped by a group hired by an international terrorist organization to help steal an important research study of Dr. Kanchit Areeya (Dr. Irene's dad), who was also kidnapped by them. Dr. Kanchit's study is very important to the national safety of the country.

    Whit Dr. Irene's live in danger, Captain Karan's mission was to get married to her immediately. He's very uncomfortable with the idea of having Dr. Irene disguised as his wife. However, he couldn't disobey his commander in chief who wanted Dr. Irene to be under the military protection 24/7. Dr. Irene had to change her look, appearance and identity to avoid the watchful eyes of the terrorist organization. She was given a new name of Airada Hanyotin, the wife of Captain Karan whom she found to be very serious and non-talkative. But eventually the two got closer and Irene was able to break the smile of the man known to his friend as the "Hard to Smile Tiger". How will Captain Karan go about this mission?

  • Ep 12 SUB

    Ultraman Ginga (2013)

    Ultraman Ginga
    All of the Ultramen and monsters have been turned into figures known as Spark Dolls and became scattered throughout the universe. A young man named Hikaru Raido finds an item called the Ginga Spark which not only allows him to...
  • Ep 16 SUB

    Ruk Sutrit (2013)

    Ruk Sutrit
    Comedy, Romance
    The story centers around a spoiled rich kid (Jame) who falls in love with his tutor (Punch).
  • Ep 30 SUB

    A Chance Meeting (2022) (2022)

    A Chance Meeting (2022)
    melodrama, Novel, Romance

    Tan Jing is a single mother whose son has natural heart disease. In order to save up for her son's surgery, she leads a thrifty life. However, she has no complaints and lives life positively, raising her son Sun Ping to be obedient and sensible.

    Nie Yu Sheng is a heart surgeon who is working on funding a surgery project that helps children with heart disease. He picks Sun Ping as his first patient. During the treatment, he finds out that Sun Ping's mother is Yan Jing, his lover seven years ago. He is attracted by Tan Jing's calm and determined aura, and Sun Ping's adorableness and sensibility. Time allows both of of them to mature. Eventually, Sun Ping's recovers from his illness and Tan Jing develops her own career; while Nie Yu Sheng's project is also successfully established. Tan Jing and Nie Yu Sheng finally achieve happiness together.

  • Ep 24 SUB

    Moonlight Romance (2020)

    Moonlight Romance
    Drama, Fantasy, Romance
    Li Yue descends to the human world under the name of You Tianle after being framed in heaven. He works as a divorce lawyer, looking for ways to absorb energy to prolong his life. One day, he meets Fang Duomi, a developer of the love pheromone perfume patent, who believes that the pheromone produced by love can be synthesized by scientific methods. You Tianle, who used to be in charge of love, accidentally gets together with Duomi and finds that she saved him before. However, her relationship failed because of it. Tianle grows fond of Duomi with time. Will the love line between an immortal and a human continue to grow?
  • Ep 20 RAW

    Your Lady (2013) (2013)

    Your Lady (2013)
    Accident, Amnesia, Betrayal, Drama, Family, melodrama, Romance
    A mellow drama looking for truth amidst plots, betrayals an lies as people know each other’s secrets. Eun Soo is a positive character who never loses hope even in the hardest circumstances but loses her memory in a car accident and lives as Yoo Jung who married to Jin Goo.