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Girls Win (2021) (2021)

Other name: 女孩上場
Genre: Drama, Sports
Country: Taiwanese
Release year: 2021
Status: Completed
  • Ep 4 RAW

    Mokomichi's Midnight Kitchen (2014) (2014)

    Mokomichi's Midnight Kitchen (2014)
    Food, Miniseries, Romance

    Mokomichi plays himself, the star of a cooking show. Each episode is set after his cooking show is broadcast. He goes on a date with a different woman each episode.

    Episodes: 4

  • Ep 15 RAW

    Storm in Shanghai (1989) (1989)

    Storm in Shanghai (1989)
    Drama, Historical
    Hong Kong
  • Ep 12 SUB

    Like Flowers In Sand (2023) (2023)

    Like Flowers In Sand (2023)
    Childhood, Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Sports, Youth

    Kim Baek Doo participates in the traditional Korean wrestling sport of ssireum and is a member of the ssireum team for the Geosan County Office. Baek Doo was born as the youngest son of a prestigious ssireum family. In the past, he was known as a genius like ssireum wrestler, but not anymore. He is thinking about retiring from the sport altogether. One day, Baek Doo meets his childhood friend Oh Yoo Kyung and has a turning point in his ssireum life. Yoo Kyung and Baek Doo grew up together in Geosan County. She begins to work as a leader of the management team for the ssireum team, which is on the verge of disbanding.

    Meanwhile, they have people around them like Min Hyun Wook, who suddenly appears at Geosan County and adjusts well to life here, and Joo Mi Ran, who is a mysterious cafe owner. There's also the new coach, Kwak Jin Soo, of the ssireum team and Cho Seok Hee, who is Baek Doo’s best friend and works as a police constable.

    (Source: AsianWiki)

    Episodes: 12

    Duration: 60 min.

    Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

  • Ep 16 SUB

    Adamas (2022) (2022)

    Adamas (2022)
    Drama, Investigation, Murder, Mystery, Revenge, Thriller

    Depicts the story of twin brothers uncovering the truth from an incident 22 years ago. They will fight against great evil in order to clear the murder charges of their biological father who was accused of killing their stepfather. They face the shocking fact that the culprit who killed their stepfather is their biological father. However, after hearing that their father, who is about to face the death penalty, was falsely accused, they chase after the truth and dig into many secrets that is concealed by huge power.

    Woo Shin is a best-selling mystery novel author, and Soo Hyun is a prosecutor. Although they're look alike, their personalities and approaches to problems are completely different, and they will try to solve their father’s case with contrasting perspectives.

    Eun Hye Soo, Woo Shin’s helper and the wife of Haesong Group’s oldest son. As the only daughter of a hospital director, she grew up like a flower in a greenhouse. However, one day, she rebels against Haesong Group due to a series of incidents and secretly helps Ha Woo Shin.

    Kim Seo Hee is a TNN social media reporter, who is hiding secrets from the twins. She is a righteous and passionate reporter who is all about social justice, and she has a smile that could captivate anyone. She can’t help but write reports about injustice, which makes it common for her to be blackmailed with legal action, but there is a particular reason why she’s so eager when it comes to justice.

  • Ep 34 RAW

    New Age of Love (2013) (2013)

    New Age of Love (2013)
  • Ep 11 SUB

    Constellation Women Series - Aquarius Woman (2015)

    Constellation Women Series - Aquarius Woman
    Drama, Romance
    Can a good friend be an equally good lover? Ke You Rong (Kimi Hsia) fell in love with Wan Hong Zhi (Nicholas Teo) when they attended university together, but he liked her friend, Yi Xue. Putting her feelings for him in check, You Rong decided to set up Hong Zhi with Yi Xue and resigned herself to just being best friends with Hong Zhi. Years later even after Hong Zhi and Yi Xue broke up, You Rong has maintained the firm line of friendship with Hong Zhi. You Rong now works as a business development manager for an online mall and is oblivious to the fact that Hong Zhi has long begun to see her as more than a friend. When Hong Zhi sees Fu Bo Feng (Johnny Lu), a second-generation chaebol businessman, also vie for You Rong’s attention, will he find the courage to express his true feelings ? “Constellation Women Series – Aquarius Woman” is a 2015 Taiwanese drama series. It is the fourth installment of the “Constellation Women Series,” following “Constellation Women Series – Pisces Woman,” “Constellation Women Series – Leo Woman” and “Constellation Women Series – Aries Woman,” which also aired in 2015. The series is a spin-off of the 1998 series “Constellation Women Series – Taurus Woman.”
  • Ep 24 SUB

    Double Love (2022) (2022)

    Double Love (2022)
    Cold Man, Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Novel, Romance, School, Youth

    It mainly tells the love story between Lu Wan Wan, a student of the Film Academy, and the online game god, Han Jing Mo.

    In the game, Han Jing Mo is the No. 1 god in the whole server but in reality, he is the famous senior in the Film Academy. He is the most powerful player under the name 'Mo Bai'. In real life, he has cold personality, he has dreams of becoming an actor and likes to spend his time playing game. Meanwhile, Lu Wan Wan is a student at the film academy who dreams of becoming a successful actress and wants to prove her own strength. In her leisure time, she would play game. In the virtual world, she showed her great skills and has slayed many players. She is one of the greatest players in the game.

    To win the 'Champion Cup Challenge', both of them agrees to set an alliance and team up for the competition. Both of them, then established empathy as they go through many adventures together. But what Lu Wan Wan doesn't expect is that Han Jing Mo is actually 'Mo Bai', who has always been by her side since the very beginning. Despite many things that happened after their meeting, they both gradually fall in love with each other and pursuit their dreams of acting.

    Adapted from the novel “Dashen, Ni Jia Furen You Guale” (大神, 你家夫人又挂了) by Da Ju Mao (大橘猫).

  • Ep 26 SUB

    Youth (2018) (2018)

    Youth (2018)
    Comedy, Friendship, Mystery, Romance
    The story depicts the lives and loves of five female university students who share a house together.