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Food Knocks at the Door (2024) (2024)

Other name: 美食来敲门 ; Mei Shi Lai Qiao Men , 美食來敲門
Genre: Food, Romance
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2024
Status: Completed
Episodes: 24 Duration: 10 min. Aired On: Tuesday Content Rating: Not Yet Rated (Source: Aired: Jun 11, 2024
  • Ep 10 RAW

    Fuufu Enman Recipe: Koukan Shinai? Hitoban Dake (2022) (2022)

    Fuufu Enman Recipe: Koukan Shinai? Hitoban Dake (2022)
    Drama, Manga, Miniseries, Romance

    When Shiho Nishina got worried about her sex life with her husband, her husband proposed to her, "Why don't we go to a couple exchange party?" At first Shiho strongly turned down the idea, but eventually, she gave in because her husband was very persuasive. "We're just going to observe, okay?" Shiho said as she reluctantly agreed to it. Meanwhile, a former diplomat Mr. Kubozuka ran a couple exchange club, "Aquarium," with his wife in their house. At first, Shiho was being very cautious, but gradually, she got attracted to Mr. and Mrs. Kubozuka's charm and finally agreed to exchange couples with them. It seemed that their sex problem had disappeard and they had found happiness, but as it turned out, that was just the beginning of their nightmare...

    Adapted from the manga series "Fuufu Enman Recipe: Soredemo Otto wo Aishite Iru" (夫婦円満レシピ〜それでも夫を愛している〜) by Koshikawa Tamae (越川珠江) and Aoisei (アオイセイ).

  • Ep 5 SUB

    Xuan-Yuan Sword: Legend The Clouds of Han (2017)

    Xuan-Yuan Sword: Legend The Clouds of Han
    Fantasy, Historical, Wuxia

    After the ancient Emperor defeated the demons, the shattered sword was broken into two parts. Two sword spirits were born - Zhao Yun and Mu Yun. However, due to the chaos caused by the battles, the two brothers were separated since birth. Zhao Yun was raised by a group of warriors called Flying Feathers, in charge of aiding Gong Yang Xiang’s quest to expand the Kingdom of Xiaoyue; while Mu Yun was under the Bronze Bird army of Wei Kingdom, who are cruel and oppressive, and often invade the neighboring countries. The two brothers were reunited in a battle between their kingdoms. When Zhao Yun discovers the truth, he uses their bloodline to save Mu Yun from danger.

    The kind-hearted Zhao Yun was heartbroken to see the people suffering due to war. With the help of Ye Ya Xi, a princess from a tribe, the two brothers worked together and overcame dangerous and difficult situations. In the end, they found the Emperor sword which symbolizes justice, using it to defeat the cruel and barbaric Chun Yu Yue, therefore destroying the Bronze Bird army and bringing peace back to the world.

  • Ep 12 SUB

    Sweet Munchies (2020)

    Sweet Munchies
    Comedy, Romance

    Park Jin Sung runs an odd little late-night restaurant where customers only choose which drinks they want and their appetizers are chosen by Park, who customizes the dishes to match their drinks. His goal is to provide diners with warmth and comfort through delicious food and excellent customer service. Seeing customers enjoy their food also gives him a great measure of happiness. At the urging of one of his regular customers, Park becomes the host of a new variety show called Midnight Snack Couple, which shoots him to popularity and fame.

    Regular customer Kim Ah Jin is a passionate PD. She usually has a smile on her face and always looks on the bright side. Her optimism is only matched by her love of food and drinking. After working hard as a crew member in production teams for many years, she finally gets her break as a PD when she convinces Park Jin Sung to become the host of her TV show.

    Kang Tae Wan is a successful fashion designer. He hosts his own fashion TV program and comes to know Park Jin Sung and Kim Ah Jin when he’s brought onto the Midnight Snack Couple variety show as a stylist for Park. As the three work together, they eventually become involved in atypical love triangle.

  • Ep 2 SUB

    Mohouhan (SP) (2016)

    Mohouhan (SP)
    Crime, Drama, Thriller
    Journalist Shigeko Maebata (Miki Nakatani), young Shinichi Tsukada and elderly Yoshio Arima all suffer from and become involved in a serial kidnap and murder case. Shinichi Tsukada first discovers a cut arm and handbag from the murder case. Elderly Yoshio Arima's granddaughter is a murder victim. "Murder’s record" is found at a man’s house who died in a car accident.
  • Ep 21 SUB

    Best Mistake Season 3 (2021) (2021)

    Best Mistake Season 3 (2021)
    Comedy, Friendship, Romance, School, Web Series, Youth
    The new season will take place in a college setting, showing the growth and romance of young people as they prepare to enter the real world.
  • Ep 129 SUB

    I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon (2012)

    I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon
    Drama, Family, life, Medical, melodrama, Romance
    Family is like a haven to us. We love them even to pick the stars and the moon for them. In this drama, a family, whose members are all scattered away due to the conflicts, comes to realize that it’s each other that will best protect them from hardships. Seo Jin Woo is a surgeon who has a trauma from his younger days that causes surgery phobia, Han Chae Won works in food research and deeply in love of Jin Woo, and the ambitious Kyung Joo who abandoned Jin Woo to choose Min Hyuk. Together, they depicts the story of love and hate.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Marigold in 4 minutes (4-punkan no Marigold) (2019)

    Marigold in 4 minutes (4-punkan no Marigold)
    Fantasy, life, Romance

    Mikoto is a 25-year-old man and has worked as an emergency medical technician for the past 3 years. Mikoto also has a special ability. When he touches a person with his hand, he can see the last moment of that person's life.

    Mikoto's family consist of his stepmother and 3 stepsiblings. He lives with his 3 stepsiblings, including older stepsister Sara. She is 27-years-old. Even though Sara is Mikoto's stepsister, he loves her. With Mikoto's special ability, he learns that Sara only has 1 year left to live. Mikoto vows that he will do his best to make her happy.

  • Ep 1 SUB

    Yuukai Houtei SP (2018)

    Yuukai Houtei SP
    39 year old Meiko Amabuki works as an attorney. She is married to Goro Aizawa, but due to several issues, they are separated. One day, Meiko decides to file for divorce. They fight over custody of their daughter. One day,...