Asian TV » shows » Club Friday the Series 12: Kwaam Jep Bpuat Kong Meu Tee Saam (2021)

Club Friday the Series 12: Kwaam Jep Bpuat Kong Meu Tee Saam (2021) (2021)

Other name: Club Friday The Series 12 Uncharted Love ความเจ็บปวดของมือที่สาม
Genre: Drama
Country: Thailand
Release year: 2021
Status: Upcoming
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong (2014) (2014)

    Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong (2014)
    Drama, Investigation, Murder, Mystery, Revenge, Supernatural
    Yoon Cheo Yong has been able to see ghosts since birth. Once the ace of the violent crimes unit, seven years ago he lost both his family and his partner in a traumatic incident that caused him to quit his department. Now he works as a district cop, but without any interest or will to engage with the world; “starved for love,” he’s completely lonely. Then one day, he accidentally talks back to the ghost of a high school girl, and things get complicated. The show follows Cheo Yong as he works with his female detective partner and that ghost girl to solve mysterious cases.
  • Ep 35 SUB

    The Rational Life (2021) (2021)

    The Rational Life (2021)
    Business, Drama, Romance

    A career woman over the age of 30 stands up against unfair practices at the workplace. She is caught between two men - her trusted assistant and her boss who is an eligible bachelor. Always one to choose reason over emotion, will Shen Ruo Xin who is considered a 'leftover woman' be brave enough to pursue a romance with a younger man or will she marry the man that society dictates?

    As a woman in a large male-dominated firm, Shen Ruo Xin has been having trouble securing a promotion. She has been vying for the position of director of the legal department for a year to no avail due to the company's vice president making things difficult for her. After being assigned a case, Shen Ruo Xin works with her young assistant Qi Xiao and finds evidence that Jin Yuan Hao who's been mooching off his lover has cheated on her too. Just as Shen Ruo Xin has persuaded Jin Yuan Hao to sign a settlement peacefully, someone had taken photos of them together and uploaded it to the internet.

    As it turns out, Shen Ruo Xin's boyfriend is the mastermind behind the ordeal because he wants Shen Ruo Xin to lose her job and marry him. Shen Ruo Xin refuses her boyfriend's wedding proposal and resolutely breaks up with him. However, the photo incident has already affected her career and she is transferred to the administration department. Qi Xiao who is sensitive and loyal to Shen Ruo Xin follows her despite the demotion.

    Meanwhile, Xu Ming Jie who suddenly became the company VP starts to pursue Shen Ruo Xin. Qi Xiao gets mad over the fact that Xu Ming Jie's ex has been purposely provoking Shen Ruo Xin. When it comes to money, family and career, Shen Ruo Xin whose heart has opened up to Qi Xiao finally realizes that love is never going to be an equivalent exchange because it's simply about two people with a mutual attraction and understanding.

  • Ep 8 RAW

    Nang Fah Rai Nam (2023) (2023)

    Nang Fah Rai Nam (2023)
    Biography, Historical

    Following the life of Pierra Vejjabul, one of the first Thai female doctors.

    Episodes: 9

  • Ep 3 RAW

    Game of Solar Eclipse (2021) (2021)

    Game of Solar Eclipse (2021)
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Mikaiketsu no Onna: Keishichou Bunsho Sousakan (2018) (2018)

    Mikaiketsu no Onna: Keishichou Bunsho Sousakan (2018)
    Detective, Mystery

    After waking up from a month-long coma due to injuries sustained in a reckless, heated investigation, detective Yashiro Tomo quickly returns to work at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. She is ordered to transfer from the First Investigative Division’s Violent Crimes Unit to the Sixth Special Investigations Unit. Located in the basement, it is in charge of deciphering documents of unsolved cases. Despite Tomo’s bewilderment, she begins work in her new postalong with a brusque senior detective Narumi Risa who is called the expert of document deciphering for her unusual ability to predict the personality and thoughts of a writer from writings. However, the reality is that this kind of work is nothing more than that of a “storekeeper” of investigation materials.

    Based on novel "Keishichou Bunsho Sousakan" by Kazushi Asami.

  • Ep 43 SUB

    One Boat One World (2021) (2021)

    One Boat One World (2021)
    Business, Drama, Romance
    It is about life aboard a cruise ship and how it is a community of its own with over 6,000 tourist and staff members. It tells the story of chief officer Ding Kai and how he meets tour guide, Tian Yue. Along the way, they encounter challenges in work and in love.
  • Ep 6 SUB

    Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area Part 2 (2022) (2022)

    Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area Part 2 (2022)
    Action, Crime, Investigation, Miniseries, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

    Thieves overtake the mint of a unified Korea. With hostages trapped inside, the police must stop them — as well as the shadowy mastermind behind it all.

    Remake of the Spanish TV series "Money Heist" (La Casa de Papel) [2017].

  • Ep 32 SUB

    Kim Soo Ro (2010)

    Kim Soo Ro
    This drama charts the life of Kim Soo Ro, the legendary founder of the city-state of Geumgwan Gaya during the Three Kingdoms Period. He unified 12 small countries to create the state of Geumgwan Gaya in southeastern Korea during the Three Kingdoms Period in Korea