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My Boss Next Door (2021) (2021)

Other name: Ge Bi Nan Shen Lai Shang Wo , 隔壁男神賴上我
Genre: Romance
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2021
Status: Completed
The first time in her life was too much of a failure. Her fiancé of seven years and her best friend set her up, resulting in the loss of both her love and house, but also accidentally allowing her to start a second life ..... What kind of Mr. Right will she meet?
  • Ep 12 RAW

    Mr. Bodyguard 3 (2016)

    Mr. Bodyguard 3
    Drama, Romance, School
    Sequel to Mr. Bodyguard 2
  • Ep 50 RAW

    New Dragon Gate Inn (1990) (1990)

    New Dragon Gate Inn (1990)
    Drama, Historical, Martial Arts
  • Ep 8 RAW

    Shin Momotaro Zamurai (2006) (2006)

    Shin Momotaro Zamurai (2006)
    Jidai Geki
    Shinjiro Katsuragi is a samurai informally known as Momotaro. Unlike the traditional samurai, Momotaro has no aspirations for power. His only goal is to live a carefree life, but his strong sense of fairness often pulls him into battles with powerful people who take advantage of those who are weak and trying to live an honest life. He defends the common people and fights against injustice.
  • Ep 123 SUB

    High Kick 3 (2011)

    High Kick 3
    Comedy, Drama, Romance, Family, Sitcom
    Ahn Nae-Sang runs a special effects company. He has a wife, Yoon Yu-Seon, and two children - a son named Jong-Suk and a daughter named Soo-Jung. Jong-Suk attends high school and is a talented ice hockey player, while Soo-Jung studies abroad. It seems they have nothing to worry about. Things change on the day Soo-Jung is scheduled to come back to South Korea. Nae-Sang discovers that his friend and vice president of his company has run away with the company's money. Now, Nae-Sang is targeted by various moneylenders. Nae-Sang first picks up his wife Yu-Seon at the massage shop and his son Jong-Suk at a ice hockey game. He then goes to the airport to pick up Soo-Jung. The family then rus away from the moneylenders, but they have no where to go or know what to do..... Meanwhile, Yu-Seon has two younger brothers Kye-Sang and Ji-Suk. Kye-Sang is a public health doctor. He used to work at the best hospital, but quit his job due to a conflict with his own beliefs. Ji-Suk is a gym teacher at a high school. The drama is narrated by Lee Juck who is is proctologist and a friend of Kye-Sang.
  • Ep 1 RAW

    Kiseki no Dobutsuen SP (2015)

    Kiseki no Dobutsuen SP
    Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido is the northernmost zoo in Japan. It was once in danger of being shut down but overcame this crisis. The leader of the zookeepers, Sakauchi Zen (Yamaguchi Tomomitsu), has become the zoo’s director. He works hard towards the construction of a new giraffe enclosure. On the other hand, the zookeepers Izumi Sawako (Toda Erika) and Nakagawa Shinichi (Koide Keisuke) privately have worries while being swamped with their job of raising animals. Sawako, who is in charge of the popular red pandas, sees signs of a pregnancy, but cannot feel genuinely happy. Having been present at the deaths of animals countless times in the past, she has developed a fear of witnessing the life and death of animals. Nakagawa, who has been appointed the leader of the breeding staff, even has strong ideas about the current state of the zoo. A part of him cannot agree with Sakauchi on the construction of the giraffe enclosure too. Veteran zookeeper, Makihara Yuichiro (Ito Shiro), who has known the zoo since the time it opened, cannot make up his mind about his own retirement. To compound matters, a flamingo escapes from the zoo. Sakauchi sets a trap which makes use of the flamingo’s behaviour, but the flamingo is killed by a wild fox. Nakagawa opposes Sakauchi’s decision which sacrificed an animal. Confidence in the zoo also plummets. Meanwhile, Okamura Tetsu (Joshima Shigeru), who has been an elementary school janitor for many years, comes as a zookeeper in a personnel reshuffle. Poor with both people and animals, Okamura is given the task to rear the zoo’s oldest animal, the hippopotamus, by Sakauchi. Okamura is uncomfortable with a job which does not have a manual. However, he takes Makihara’s advice and gradually becomes concerned about the hippopotamus more than anyone else. The new enclosure is completed. A young hippopotamus also arrives. These appear to be positive signs for the zoo. Then one day, a terrible sight unfolds before Okamura
  • Ep 29 RAW

    Still Me (2022) (2022)

    Still Me (2022)
    Drama, Family
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Lavender (2001) (0)

    Lavender (2001)
    Romance, Tragedy
    Since her birth, Ah Xun (Chen Yi Rong), as well as her sister Yicheng, have been suffering from a heart disease which makes them unable to run or do a lot of activities that other kids do. Because of this she is picked on by all her schoolmates. Her only friend is a boy named Qing Chuan. Always together, Ah Xun is saddened when Qing Chuan tells her that he and his family are moving to America. Unwilling to never see each other again, Qing Chuan gives her a glass bottle filled with a piece of lavender as a token that he will never forget her, and promises her that he will meet back up with her 10 years later on Ah Xun's 20th birthday. Ten years pass and Ah Xun still has not forgotten her first love Qing Chuan, even though her boss's son Xiao Tong is in love with her, and Ah Xun waits for the day when she can see him again. Qing Chuan returns to Taiwan, but this time known as the famous singer named Leo. Leo has not forgotten about her either, and after a few misunderstandings, the two of them meet back up and start a relationship. But with the presence of Xiao Tong, Leo's girlfriend Maggie, and Ah Xun's illness, they wonder if they will be able to stay together.
  • Ep 14 SUB

    Roy Leh Sanae Rai (0)

    Roy Leh Sanae Rai
    Drama, Romance
    Kongpop's dad and Namnueng's dad used to be good friends. They even invested their own money in the pub business together. This business went too well and Kongpop's dad betrayed his own friend and stole the whole business for himself, 20 years past by and Kongpop's dad knew that he would die soon and because of his guilt for what he did he gave Namnueng a large amount of money. When his dad died, Kongpop came back from the US for the funeral and found out about the will of his dad, he became very mad and wanted to get back at Kongpop. He makes her fall in love with him so that she will sign over all of the money. After she finds out Namnueng wants nothing to do with Kongpop, too bad he just realized that he was in love with her.