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Love in Contract (2022) (2022)

Other name: 월수금화목토 / 月水金火木土 / WolSooGeumHwaMokTo / WolSuGeumHwaMogTo / MonWedFriTuesThursSat
Genre: Business, Romance
Country: Korean
Release year: 2022
Status: Ongoing
Tells the story of a helper service that provides wives to single people needing partners to take to gatherings for married couples and school reunions. The story portrays Choi Sang Eun as she gets entangled with Jung Ji Ho, who is on a long-term exclusive contract for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Kang Hae Jin, who signs a new contract for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Choi Sang Eun, is a woman possessing many great qualities and virtues. As the perfect partner, she chooses a career of helping single men who don’t want to get married instead of getting married herself. Jung Ji Ho who has been in a long-term contract with Choi Sang Eun for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for his fifth year. In addition for the reason behind his contract being a secret, Jung Ji Ho is a mysterious character whose occupation, hobbies, and personality are also shrouded in a veil of secrecy. And Kang Hae Jin, a rich heir as the family’s youngest son and Hallyu star. Kang Hae Jin is Choi Sang Eun’s newest client for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and he will cause a great storm in her heart.
  • Ep 46 SUB

    As Long as You Love Me (2020)

    As Long as You Love Me
    Drama, melodrama, Romance, War

    It tells the story of two childhood friends who grew up together and have loved each other for many years. They are separated and reunited but a series of misunderstandings occur due to someone's plotting.

    Zhou Yanzhao is the successor of Shenghai Group. Zhou Xiaomeng is the host of a children's show. Zhou Yanzhao fulfills his promise to Xiaomeng to return to the country to see her on her 22nd birthday. However, his father dies unexpectedly leaving him no choice but to succeed their real estate company. Moreover, Xiaomeng's mother is the suspect behind Zhou Yanzhao's father's death.

    Taking over business operations, Zhou Yanzhao enters Shenghai Group and faces a tough opponent in Jiang Qingcheng. Zhou Yanzhao has a difficult time keeping the company afloat as he deals with betrayal, investment failures, engineering accidents and learns of a birth secret.

    Bearing the heartaches from the misunderstandings, Xiaomeng never gives up despite facing ups and downs in her endeavors. She perseveres in her charity efforts to help children and continuously tries to become a better person. When the sky finally clears between the star-crossed lovers, they must work together to find the real mastermind behind their misfortunes.

  • Ep 50 RAW

    Secret History of Empress Wu (2011) (2011)

    Secret History of Empress Wu (2011)
    Drama, Historical
    Tells the story of the only woman in Chinese history to assume the title of Empress Regnant. ~~ Based on the life of Wu Zetian.
  • Ep 31 SUB

    Sed Thee Teen Plao (2020)

    Sed Thee Teen Plao
    Comedy, Drama, Romance
    When money and reputation did not solve Santithorn's issues in life (his a professor and an aristocrat) his dream of staying in province farm began. Although, his family disagree & he suffer misfortune from influential people on the village, he still has Nat. She is an adopted daughter of a millionare in the village. At first they don't get along but she help him out dealing with some obstacles. Eventually, they fall inlove.
  • Ep 18 SUB

    Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (2007)

    Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
    Drama, Medical
    Bong Dal Hee (Lee Yo Won) is a first year resident doctor who strives to become a surgeon despite her heart problem. She works under Dr. Ahn Jong Geun (Lee Bum Soo), a cardiac specialist, and even though they don't get off to a good start, the two grow fond of each other as time goes by. Dr. Lee Geon Wook (Kim Min Joon) divorced his wife, Dr. Jo Moon Kyung (Oh Yoon Ah), after he found out that his 6-year-old son was actually fathered by another man before they married. He still has feelings for her, but feels betrayed and cheated. This medical drama portrays the lives of resident doctors, their ups and downs, depicting crisis in a hospital as well as politics among its management staff.
  • Ep 9 SUB

    Sign (JP 2019) (2019)

    Sign (JP 2019)
    Medical, Mystery, Tragedy
    Remake of 2011 SBS Korean Drama about forensic scientists. The Japan Forensic Research Institute is co-managed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as well as the National Police Agency. The forensic pathologists listen to the silent voices of the dead but come up against the powerful who cover up inconvenient truths. One of pathologists is the eccentric Yuzuki Takashi (Omori Nao) will pursue the truth and justice without yielding to authority. Despite failures, setbacks, betrayals and intrigue, the pathologists and their associates press on in their quest for signs of the truth left on the bodies and justice. In every case, the “truth” they uncover exists side by side with the “truth” fabricated by those with power. They find themselves in a fierce fight to the finish as both sides try to establish that their “truth” is the actual truth. In the midst of this, a popular singer’s death leads to maneuvering behind the scenes by someone with immense power beyond imagining, and the “truth” that the pathologists have arrived at gets buried in darkness.
  • Ep 4 SUB

    Girl of 0AM (2015) (2015)

    Girl of 0AM (2015)
    Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
    Girl of 0AM is a romantic comedy about the main character, Gong Ji Dan, who dreams of becoming a superstar. He coincidentally becomes in charge of a karaoke business, allowing him to grow as a singer. Min Se Ra, the female lead of “Girl of 0AM”, Se Ra is a part-time worker, who leads Ji Dan to become a singer and holds a mysterious secret.
  • Ep 437 RAW

    Ordinary Love (2013) (2013)

    Ordinary Love (2013)
  • Ep 40 RAW

    Tera Ghum Aur Hum (2020) (2020)

    Tera Ghum Aur Hum (2020)
    Other Asia
    Maheen is in love with Ali and dreams of a future with him. However, her life turns upside down when Sara falls for him and decides to marry him at any cost.