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Golden Age (2006) (2006)

Other name: 金色年华 , Jin Se Nian Hua
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2006
Status: Completed
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Omoni Naitemasu (2012)

    Omoni Naitemasu
    Comedy, Romance
    A woman of unequaled beauty, Konno Izumi's (Nanao) looks cannot be described by words. With a perfectly balanced body and a lovable face, she turns the heads of all men that she passes by, and not only do the men turn around, but they are struck by a cupid and his arrow, who will most definitely come chasing after Izumi to ask her out. No is not an answer for these men, and they will risk anything to obtain the chance to be Izumi's significant other. For this reason, Izumi is unable to live an ordinary life, having to hide away from society, spending her days in solitude. Akamatsu Keisuke is a student at a university of the arts who ends up substituting a painting class under art professor Aoyama Jin in exchange for credits. He is rather shy and reserved, and like all other men who meet Izumi, falls victim to her beauty. He tries to keep his feelings to himself but is unsuccessful. Izumi, on the other hand, is having an affair with Jin the professor, but her feelings for him are unrequited. Based on the comic book by Higashimura Akiko of the same title, the story of the invincible beauty takes place in the traditional towns of Tokyo. A chain of unrequited love are portrayed comically as the characters intermingle with one another. Will there be happiness for Izumi in the end? You'll just have to wait to find out. --Fuji TV
  • Ep 60 SUB

    The Drive of Life (2007) (2007)

    The Drive of Life (2007)
    Business, Drama, Family, life, Romance
    Hong Kong
    Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, this drama revolves around the history between these two places. It will be focused around China's growing automobile industry, a major car manufacturing company, and the family who manages it.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Red Rose (2017)

    Red Rose
    Historical, Romance
    During the anti-revolutionary coup in 1927, Xia Heng Xuan dies while saving the Communist Party member Ren Zhi Yuan (Kevin Tan), and leaves behind his younger sister Xia Yu Zhu (Yang Zi Shan) and her maid Shuang Ju (Nikita Mao). While the delicate Yu Zhu tries to earn a living alone, Shuang Ju enters the Kuomintang’s special agent organization on the recommendation of Zhi Yuan’s lover Xiao Cheng Bi (Liu Min). A few years later, Yu Zhu saves Zhi Yuan by chance. After Zhi Yuan sacrifices his life, Yu Zhu is touched and decides to work for the Communist Party’s underground organization. There she gets to know Cheng Bi’s younger brother Xiao Jun Hao (Chen Xiao), who received the same mission. While they work together, feelings develop
  • Ep 9 SUB

    Jiu (2011) (2011)

    Jiu (2011)
    Drama, Miniseries, Novel, Suspense, Thriller
    Motoko (Meisa Kuroki) is a detective in tip-top physical condition, excels in physical combat and willing to kill a suspect if necessary. Misaki (Mikako Tabe) is a cerebral detective with a warm. Both of these women are members of the Metropolitan Police Department's S.I.T. (special investigation team) and work to track down criminal Jiu, the ringleader responsible for a series of brutal crimes. Motoko and Misaki both become involved in personal relationships that leaves them hurt...
  • Ep 35 RAW

    I Am Goddess (2015)

    I Am Goddess
  • Ep 38 RAW

    Aftershock (2013) (2013)

    Aftershock (2013)
    Drama, Family, life
    Tells the story of the devastating Tangshan earthquake in 1976. A mother and daughter were separated during the earthquake and reunite 32 years later. In between, they grow up, grow old and carry on, while always bearing the sorrow, guilt and anger etched into the moment of separation. ~~ Based on the Zhang Ling novel that inspired Feng Xiao Gang's 2010 blockbuster film.
  • Ep 13 RAW

    Bangkok Rak Stories 2: Sing Khong (0)

    Bangkok Rak Stories 2: Sing Khong
    Drama, Romance
    A repairman gets involved with a girl who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.
  • Ep 72 RAW

    Wo Zui Ai De Ren (2005) (2005)

    Wo Zui Ai De Ren (2005)
    Drama, Family, Romance