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Crushes Reverse (2018) (2018)

Other name: 짝사랑 전세역전 / Reversed Crushes
Genre: Friendship, Romance, School, Web Series, Youth
Country: Korean
Release year: 2018
Status: Completed
Yoo Somi likes her sister's boyfriend Nam Dong Yoon, but her best friend is Nam Dong Yoon's little brother Nam Dong Ha. How does their love story change?
  • Ep 52 RAW

    Scent of Love (1994) (1994)

    Scent of Love (1994)
    Aromatic love that overcomes the hardships of youth. True love is learned through each couple of three generations and the love of a family that has lost the father in a car accident. Yong Jin works at an animation production company and Jae Jin is a university student. The two sisters are bright and cheerful despite not having a father. Yong Jin meets a guy and regardless of her mom's disapproval, continue with her love for him. Not only love but the waiting, hatred, and disappointments are well projected.
  • Ep 20 SUB

    Lucky Days (2008)

    Lucky Days
    The only reason money-grabbing magazine editor Chen Miao Ru and unambitious salary man Ren Xiao Guo got married was because of money. Miao Ru got caught in a money bind flipping houses. Pooling their resources was the only way to prevent a financial meltdown of her own. But married life was nothing like their peaceful dating life. Soon, they were on the verge of divorce. Yet, Ren didn't want a divorce. Then, a mysterious computer program in the county clerk's bathroom allowed him to press Ctrl + Z to return to earlier part of their lives and make edits to their past.
  • Ep 10 RAW

    14 Getsu Tsuma ga Kodomo ni Kaette Iku (2003)

    14 Getsu Tsuma ga Kodomo ni Kaette Iku
    Family, Sci-fi

    Humanity has always been obsessed with the idea of somehow regaining our youth and going back to our childhood. But what would happen if that dream became a reality? Would that really bring happiness… or tragedy?

    Yuko has a promising career in journalism ahead of her, and is happily married to Satoru, a younger man. But an unfortunate event turns their world upside down, and leads Yuko into a desperate attempt to regain her youth. She drinks a potion that begins a “de-aging” process, only to find out that once started the process cannot be stopped! Yuko and Satoru are forced to reexamine her life and their marriage, and their love for each other. And Yuko must somehow find a way to return to halt the process, or dire consequences await.

    This touching story not only explores the question of lost youth but also takes a hard look at what it really means to love someone.

  • Ep 13 RAW

    Songkram Nak Pun: Season 2 (0)

    Songkram Nak Pun: Season 2
    Drama, Romance
    The story is about popular stars and celebrity’s managers working in the Thai entertainment industry.
  • Ep 18 RAW

    Roop Thong (2018)

    Roop Thong
    BL, Drama, Romance, Tragedy
    Seua, the perfect guy in the eyes of many women, whom yearns for his father's love since he was a child, starts to feel sexually attracted to men and wants to stop it. Riawkhao, the girl he loves who also loves him, tries to turn the man back to straight. Moo on the other hand has a revenge in mind that involves Seua and Amber that started years ago. How will the family turn out?
  • Ep 2 SUB

    Legend of Hyang Dan (2007) (2007)

    Legend of Hyang Dan (2007)
    Comedy, Historical, Miniseries, Romance

    The story of is a classic love story everyone knows about. There are more than 100 different versions that have already been discovered, but here’s another surprising and rather shocking version called . It takes a different spin from the original story with the reinterpretation that it was actually Hyang-dan who loved Mong-ryong even more than Chun-hyang. The love story of Hyang-dan and Mong-ryong is depicted as they overcome their difference in social rank, deviating from the original storyline.

    ep. 1

    The only son of Namwon’s magistrate Mong-ryong(Choi Si-won) is chased after by the policemen as he attempts to help the chivalrous robbers. The place he hides into happens to be where Hyang-dan(Seo Ji-hae) is. Hyang-dan covers for Mong-ryong and they fall in love instantly. Meanwhile, Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee) comes up with a plan to get Chun-hyang(Lee Ji-soo) married to Mong-ryong, and Chun-hyang has no choice but to take part in the plan as she has grown up as Chun-hyang’s servant. Hyang-dan has no choice but to follow the plan due to her social rank. As rumors spread that Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang are seeing each other because of Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee)’s plan, Mong-ryong’s father orders Mong-ryong to go to Seoul using the civil service exam as an excuse. As a cover-up to hide her love for Mong-ryong, Hyang-dan decides to get married to Bang-ja(Heo Jeong-min), who has been good to her to win her over. On the day Mong-ryong is to leave for Seoul, he finds out about Hyang-dan's wedding and runs to see her.

    ep. 2

    Mong-ryong confesses his love to Hyang-dan, but she turns him down because of their difference in social rank. However, she tells him that if he wins the first place in a civil service exam, she will take it as heaven’s fate and accept him. The next day, Mong-ryong announces to his father(Moon hoi-won) that he will go to Hanyang to take the exam. After he leaves for Hanyang, Hyang-dan comes back home as Chun-hyang’s servant again. In the meanwhile, the new magistrate Byeon Hak-do (Lee Seong-min) takes post. He tyrannizes the town and takes goods from the commoners while trying to suppress the chivalrous robbers. Then, as Byeon Hak-do requests Chun-hyang (Lee Ji-soo) for bed service, Wol-mae(Bang Eun-hee) asks Hyang-dan(Seo Ji-hae) to go instead.

  • Ep 6 RAW

    Byplayers: Season 3 (2021) (0)

    Byplayers: Season 3 (2021)
    Set in "Byplaywood" a large film studio surrounded by forest, far from the city. The story depicts 100 days of turmoil caused by the gathering of serial dramas and movies from various TV stations at once in this remote studio. It is a drama full of battles for ratings between studios, clashes between young, mid-career, and big names, and a heartwarming story of friendship and bonding. Also, the self-deprecation and parodies are enhanced by the fact that the actors play a role of themselves.
  • Ep 16 RAW

    Law Firm (2001) (2001)

    Law Firm (2001)
    Law, Romance
    Attorney Jung Young Woong leaves the PD's office because he is tired of dealing with the people who commit sex crimes. He starts his own firm and hires 4 questionable lawyers to work for him, ensuring justice for the citizens of Korea.