Asian TV » drama » Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow (2022)
Jang Uk returns from death, and three years later, the story of the mages unfolds anew. Jang Uk becomes a hunter of the soul-shifters when a young woman, a prisoner in her own home, seeks his help to reclaim her freedom.
  • Ep 13 SUB

    Doku (Poison) (2012)

    Doku (Poison)
    “A completely undetectable poison that kills 24 hours after consumed.” It is the rumour that has spread on the internet of a lethal drug that makes the perfect crime possible. It has even become a topic at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Crimes Unit which Sasamoto Naomi has been transferred to. The background of Professor Matsui Toichi who invented this poison at an East European university is obscure. What is known of him is a fuzzy picture on the internet and the digits inscribed on the back of his hand. Matsui has disappeared but starts to appear before people who are trapped by their problems and hands them the poison. “You are free to use it as you will,” he would tell them...
  • Ep 50 RAW

    The Elder Brother And Elder Sister's Good Age (2019) (2019)

    The Elder Brother And Elder Sister's Good Age (2019)
    Drama, Family, Romance

    A sent-down youth who returns home after living in a rural area must deal with the consecutive tragedies in her life and a new family that she has never met before.

    On Zhao Chun Lei's first day back in the city, she is devastated by the sudden passing of her father. Her stepmother Liu Feng Ying who has three children becomes the new head of the household. Zhao Chun Lei's lover Xu Hai Yang dies in an accident, yet a woman named Luo Gui Hua knocks on their door claiming to be pregnant with Xu Hai Yang's child.

    Misunderstandings and squabbles start to plague the family. The selfish younger brother Wu Ming Guang is out to fight Zhao Chun Lei over the house deed. The younger sister Wu Ming Mei blames Zhao Chun Lei for all the bad things that have happened in her life. The youngest sister Wu Ming Li deals with relationship problems of her own. As more misfortunes befall the family, can Zhao Chun Lei bring everyone together and find her own happiness?

  • Ep 105 SUB

    Daring Women (2010)

    Daring Women
    Drama, Romance
    Ji Soon Young loses her husband, Wang Se Joon, in a tragic accident. She is left alone to take care of their adopted daughter. She meets and falls in love with Han Kyu Jin, who just happens to be the father-in-law to her former sister-in law, Wang Se Bin. Their lives changes when Soon Young marries Kyu Jin and becomes Se Bin's mother-in-law. They have to adjust to their new roles in their family and at the same time try to get along with each other.
  • Ep 12 RAW

    Kaiki Renai Sakusen (2015)

    Kaiki Renai Sakusen
    Comedy, Horror, Romance
    "Kaiki Renai Sakusen" follows three women and depicts their persona lives, work lives and their fight against a monster. Natsumi (Kumiko Aso) is 36-years-old. She dreamed of becoming a cafe owner and saved money to achieve her dream, but she was swindled out of her money. She now works at the cafe where she dreamed of becoming the owner. Akiko (Maki Sakai) is 39-years-old. She works as a music teacher and awaits for the perfect man. Fuyu (Tamaki Ogawa) is 38-years-old. She thinks of herself as an actress.
  • Ep 30 SUB

    Golden Apple (2005) (2005)

    Golden Apple (2005)
    Drama, Family

    Kim Kyung Sook, Kyung Ku and Kyung Min's father who was a widowed farmer married Keum Shil's mother when Keum Shil was six. The marriage was not a happy one and Keum Shil's mother continued her affair with Park Byung Sam, a rich landlord in the village, who was running for a seat in the Parliament.

    Her body was discovered in the river after the election and Kyung Sook's father was wrongly accused of being the killer. He was tortured by the police into admission and later died in custody before trial. Park Byung Sam, who was in actual fact Keum Shil's real father, ordered his brother-in-law to adopt Keum Shil and gave him a job at the Intelligence Office in Seoul. Kyung Sook had also moved to Seoul and worked hard to bring up her brothers. She vowed that she would clear her father's name and find the real killer. Park Byung Sam remained her no. 1 suspect even though she was in love with his son, Park Jong Kyu. It turned out that he wasn't the one but who was and why?

  • Ep 4 SUB

    Club Friday The Series Season 11: Ruk Lam Sen (2019) (2019)

    Club Friday The Series Season 11: Ruk Lam Sen (2019)
    Drama, Lesbian, Romance
    A man brings his girlfriend home to meet his family, but she falls in love with his mother.
  • Ep 16 SUB

    Love Again (2012) (2012)

    Love Again (2012)
    Drama, Family, life, melodrama, Romance
    The story begins when men and women in their mid-40s meet each other again after 30 years, in a class reunion set up by a former classmate. With their current life hidden, they all enjoy the reunion and return to their respective lives, only to find out that two of the members begin to meet frequently, causing old flames to spark again and turn into a dangerous love affair. The struggles between families and burdens of reality are described in detail, but as they solve the mystery, the friendships and love between them remain unchanged after a number of conflicts and reconciliations. The story depicts the solitude and the pain of middle age in modern life which forces the responsibility of parenthood and spouses on them and provides a chance to look back on the lives they unknowingly abandoned long ago.
  • Ep 15 RAW

    Who Is the Winner II (1992) (1992)

    Who Is the Winner II (1992)
    Action, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
    Hong Kong

    Shek Chi Hong is now the number one "God of Gamblers" in the gambling world. He is a genius in gambling but prefers a quiet life. However, he can’t change his own destiny as long as he hasn’t retired from the gambling world.

    Knowing that Hung Fung's gambling skills have improved tremendously over the years, Cheung Tin Jing resorts to inviting Chi Hong to help him. Chi Hong refuses to step into the gambling world again due to the promise to his wife. It is not until Cheung Tin Jing fakes a heart attack that Ah Kong decides to help him finally. There, he meets Cheung Tin Jing's only daughter, Cheung Sik Yu and her childhood friend, Dik San.

    However, after his helping in Tin Ding winning over Mun Long, this in turn causes his wife's death. Since then, he becomes disillusioned in life.