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Roommate From The Stars (2015)

Other name:
Genre: Short
Country: Korean
Release year: 2015
Status: Completed
Roommate From The Stars
  • Ep 50 SUB

    Season Love (2017)

    Season Love
    An Jie broke up with her boyfriend and disappeared for six years. Living overseas she was in a car accident and temporarily got blind. When she wants to commit suicide, she was saved by a stranger and befriended with her live saver a kind and gentle man. But when her eyes got better, her friend disappears without a trace. An Jie returns home after six years. Back to her family and backto Xi Xi Chen, a cold and aggressive man. What kind of secret keeps Xi Xi Chen in his heart?
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Todome no Kissu (Kiss that Kills) (2017)

    Todome no Kissu (Kiss that Kills)
    Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense

    Dojima Otaro works as a popular host. Because of a past incident, he believes that love makes people unhappy. He now only pursues money and power.

    A mysterious woman appears in front of Dojima Otaro. The mysterious woman has a pale face with red lips. She kisses him and he dies, but the next moment he regains consciousness. He realizes he is now 7 days in the past. The mysterious woman alsofollows him. Due to her kiss, Dojima Otaro dies and goes back to the past over and over again.

  • Ep 36 SUB

    Single Princesses and Blind Dates (2010)

    Single Princesses and Blind Dates
    Comedy, Romance
    Le Tong Tong had her grand wedding all planned out, and her relatives were all on standby for the big day. Then, she suddenly found herself single when her boyfriend dumped her. Not a woman who would be defeated by a minor problem as to not having a groom, she and her two friends embarked on a mission to find a husband through series of blind dates.
  • Ep 29 SUB

    Pride And Price (2022) (2022)

    Pride And Price (2022)
    "Pride And Price" is an urban workplaces, starring Alyssa Chia and Anita Yuen. The play tells a motivational story of women in the workplace who have gone through a variety of workplace rules and job tests to defeat their competitors and set off their dreams.
  • Ep 14 SUB

    Duang Tah Tee Sarm (2021) (2021)

    Duang Tah Tee Sarm (2021)
    Childhood, Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Romance, Supernatural
    Gifted with the ability to see ghosts, Treekarn must overcome the fear of the undead as he discovers the truth about a long-last love from his past.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    No.10 Yandaixie Street (2016)

    No.10 Yandaixie Street
    BL, Drama
    Introduction: This is a boys love story between a ‘weirdo’, the novelist, Liang Ze and a ‘nice guy’, the pet shop owner, Hang Hang. Both of them got to know each other through Hang Hang’s online pet shop and first met each other in No.10 YanDaiXie Street, the address of Hang Hang’s physical store. Their funny story begins with the inquiry of Liang Ze to Hang Hang on something about his beloved chinchillas... (translated by lavalse)
  • Ep 37 SUB

    Blade Heart (2004)

    Blade Heart
    Action, Drama, Wuxia
    Hong Kong
    The Tong family was framed 20 years ago and sentenced to death for treason.Tong Bik (Liza Wang) escaped with her life although she lost her infant son.HerhusbandLingFung(AdamCheng)waspluckedfromdeathbyCheungSing,aeunuch,andsentencedtoalifeofservitude,servingtheeunuchasacaptainoftheguardsasCheungSingschemedtogaintheemperor'sfavour.LingagreedtoservetheeunuchsothathecouldremaininthecapitaltoseekrevengeontheSzemafamilathebelievedcausedtheTongfamily'sdownfall.Hewearsamasktohidethetattoothatmarkshimasadeathrowconvict.WhenTongBik'ssecondhusbanddiesshedecio take revenge against the Szema family by returning to the capital and setting up a weapons foundry to challenge the Szema family for business. Shetriestowinbusinessbymakingaswordthatcanbeusedatcompetitiontoshowoffthefoundry'sabilitiesShemeetsayoungmanMangLui(RaymondLam),whohadmother.Heagreestobecomethefoundry'sswordsmaninthecompetition.MangLuiandTongBik'sdaughterWongYee(Shirley)fallinlove,andsister.Meanwhileafausdoctor'sdaughter,TsunWai(MimiLo)comestotrytohealMangLui'smotherandalsofallsforhim.LingFungmeets,whomhethoughtwasdead,anddoesn'tdarereveer.He tries hardtopreventherfromactingrecklesslyinherquestforrevenge.EventuallytheSzemafamilyisdestroyedandtheremainingmembersofthefamilyarecastout of their home.The daughter,Szema Ping Ting, (Yeung Shuet) is very angry and also vows revenge.The tale becomes a complex web of plotting and counter plots as Szema Ping Ting schemes to kill Tong Bik,Mang Lui discovers his real parentage and becomes enraged and Cheung Sing tries to eliminate his political rivals.
  • Ep 43 SUB

    Emergency Department Doctors (2017)

    Emergency Department Doctors
    Drama, Medical, Romance
    It tells the story of the head doctor of the emergency department He Jian Yi and the new Ph.D. advisor, who just returned from America, Jiang Xiao Qi. At first, these two are wary of each other, but they come to understand each other and rescue not only patients side by side but also themselves in the end.