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Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi (2023) (2023)

Other name: 王様に捧ぐ薬指 / Osama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi / The Third Finger Offered to a King / The Ring Finger Offered to a King
Genre: Comedy, Contract Relationship, Manga, Romance
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2023
Status: Ongoing
Ayaka, who works at the bridal department at a hotel, has a beauty that everyone recognizes, yet her personality is the worst. Everyone calls her a "wicked woman" after the way she wraps numerous men around her finger. The one who sets his eyes on her is the hotel's new executive Togo, who is the son of a very powerful person of the town. What are the orders that this King-like man requests of her!? Adapted from the manga series "Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi" (王様に捧ぐ薬指) by Watanabe Shiho (わたなべ志穂).
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Live On (2020) (2020)

    Live On (2020)
    Drama, Romance, School, Youth
    Live On” is set to be a romance story that follows the lives of Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin), who is at the top of food chain at her high school where being trendy and popular brings higher social status, and Go Eun Taek (Minhyun), a perfectionist who is the head of the broadcasting club. Baek Ho Rang joins the broadcasting club in order get help from Go Eun Taek in uncovering the identity of a mysterious figure who is trying to bring to light parts of her past she wants to keep hidden.Baek Ho Rang immediately shot up to social media star status because of her beautiful looks and is one of the most popular girls at Seo Hyun High School. Despite being at the top of the social pyramid, she only has one true friend as she believes she is the center of the universe and looks down on others. Meanwhile, Go Eun Taek is in charge of the school’s broadcasting club and is someone who is sensitive, detail oriented, can sometimes be irritable, and plans everything out perfectly. Though he is strict and inflexible when it comes to his leadership, he never shies away from any task that is given to him and is loved by his fellow students.
  • Ep 2 SUB

    Boyfriend Kourin! (2022) (2022)

    Boyfriend Kourin! (2022)
    Accident, Amnesia, Comedy, Drama, Miniseries, Romance
    Asahi is a 23-year-old boy who attracts everyone around him with his innocent smile, words and talent. Chatani Kashiko is a 35-year-old working for a small advertising agency and is someone who has low self-esteem. Meanwhile, Sato Wataru is an expressive woman and works as a backstage actress in a small theatre company run by her boyfriend, who sometimes uses her as a ghostwriter. Kashiko and Wataru used to be best friends in high school and unexpectedly reunite through Asahi.
  • Ep 33 RAW

    Battle of the Beauties (2012)

    Battle of the Beauties
    Drama, Family
    Postmodern drama. A story about Master Su’s mysterious death and his 5 wives.
  • Ep 16 SUB

    What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018)

    What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
    Business, Comedy, Friendship, Romance, Trauma

    The series revolves around the narcissistic Lee Young Joon, the vice president of a company run by his family. He is very self-absorbed and thinks highly of himself, so much that he barely acknowledges the people around him. Lee Young Joon has a capable and patient secretary in Kim Mi So who has remained by his side and worked diligently for 9 years without any romantic involvement. However, Mi So now want to set her life & focus on herself so when she decides to resign from her job, hilarious misunderstandings ensue. After 9 years of their strictly-workplace relationship, can it now develop in something more?

    Adapted from the webtoon "Kimbiseoga Wae Geureolgga" by Jung Kyung Yoon.

  • Ep 4 SUB

    If In Love Like Them (2007)

    If In Love Like Them
    Lee Na (Lee Hyo Ri) is a rising singer who was about to debut but tradegy struck her when she found out she had leukemia. Another girl took her place and sang her debut song at her concert. Now everybody thinks that the other girl is her. Jung Tae (Lee Dong Gun) survived a department store collapse only to find out that he has cancer. Lee Na and Jung Tae meet and fall in love.
  • Ep 24 SUB

    All In (2003)

    All In
    crime, drama, romance
    As a kid, all Kim In Ha ever did was follow his uncle around and help him cheat in gambling. As a high school student, he hung out with his friends at the basement of a theater. As Kim In Ha gets to know Choi Jeong Won, a model student and also the son of a very rich family, In Ha tries to tempt him into doing mischevious deeds.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Season 2 (2018)

    The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Season 2
    Comedy, Family, Sitcom
    Adapted from the webcomic "Maeumui Sori” by Jo Suk.
  • Ep 9 SUB

    Rebel Detectives (2017)

    Rebel Detectives
    It could take a fresh perspective to solve the most difficult crime cases. Two genius high school students (Ahn Hyeong Seop and Yoo Sun Ho) discover that their parents have disappeared one day. They turn to a police detective (Kim Nam Joo) for help to finding their parents, only to end up helping the detective solve other tough criminal cases. “Rebel Detectives” is a 2017 South Korean web drama series.