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Ninja ni Kekkon wa Muzukashii (2023) (2023)

Other name: 忍者に結婚は難しい / にんじゃにけっこんはむずかしい / Marriage Is Difficult for a Ninja
Genre: Action, Comedy, Hidden Identity, Romance, Thriller
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2023
Status: Completed
Kusakari Hotaru is married to Kusakari Goro and she works as a pharmacist. She holds a secret that she is really a ninja and part of Koka Ninja’s family. Her husband holds a routine job as a postal delivery man, but he has a secret as well. He is also a ninja and pat of Iga Ninja’s family. Even though Kusakari Hotaru and Kusakari Goro are a married couple, they are unaware their partner is a ninja. For generations, the Koka Ninja and Iga Ninja families have been rivals and quite hostile to each other. While Kusakari Hotaru and Kusakari Goro married because of love and their marriage life started off well, their relationship has deteriorated over things like home chores and using the bathroom. An assassination then takes place. Will Kusakari Hotaru and Kusakari Goro choose their marriage or their family affiliation? Adapted from the novel "Ninja ni Kekkon wa Muzukashii" (忍者に結婚は難しい) by Yokozeki Dai (横関大).
  • Ep 24 SUB

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  • Ep 3 SUB

    Eien no Zero - (Special Mini Drama) (2015)

    Eien no Zero - (Special Mini Drama)
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    60 years after World War II, Keiko and her younger brother Kentaro begin a search on their grandfather's, Kyuzo Miyabe's (Osamu Mukai), life. Keiko is a freelancer journalist and Kentaro is soon to take his bar exam.

    During their research, they learn that other people that knew their grandfather view him as a coward. Their grandfather believed life was the most important thing. He was also a talented pilot during the war.

    Through their search, Keiko and Kentaro become confused on why their grandfather Kyuzo Miyabe boarded the Zero fighter plane and lost his life, even though he desperately wanted to come back home alive to see his daughter. Keiko and Kentaro begin to learn the truth.

    Based on the novel "Eien no Zero" by Naoki Hyakuta (published by Ohta Publishing Company, August 24, 2006).

  • Ep 13 SUB

    Why R U? (2020)

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  • Ep 8 SUB

    Taxi Driver Season 2 (2023) (2023)

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    New season to Taxi Driver.

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  • Ep 30 SUB

    KO One Return (2012)

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  • Ep 24 SUB

    Lucky Club (2022) (2022)

    Lucky Club (2022)
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  • Ep 10 SUB

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