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Mattari! Akado Suzunosuke (2022) (2022)

Other name: まったり!赤胴鈴之助 / Cool! Akado Suzunosuke
Genre: Comedy, Historical, Manga, Samurai, Time Travel
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2022
Status: Completed
Akado Suzunosuke is a swordsman from the Edo period who accidentally ends up in the Reiwa era. Will he defeat the demons led by the silver-haired demon here too? And how will our swordsman live in the modern era?
  • Ep 48 RAW

    Razor (2017) (2017)

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    (Source: DramaWiki)

    Episodes: 7

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    Aired On: Wednesday

  • Ep 36 SUB

    A River Runs Through It (2021) (2021)

    A River Runs Through It (2021)
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    Adapted from the novel "Yan Lei De Shang You" (眼泪的上游) by Ming Qian Yu Hou (明前雨后).

  • Ep 40 RAW

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  • Ep 8 SUB

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  • Ep 10 SUB

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  • Ep 8 RAW

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  • Ep 36 SUB

    In a Class of Her Own (2020) (2020)

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