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Just Spoil You (2023) (2023)

Other name: 偏偏宠爱 / 二婚也瘋狂 / 恋恋不相忘 / 戀戀不相忘 / Pian Pian Chong Ai / Er Hun Ye Feng Kuang /Crazy Second Marriage / Love Not Forget
Genre: Family, Novel, Romance, Web Series
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2023
Status: Completed
Young and beautiful manhua artist Zhong Ling, in order to treat her son Kele's congenital diabetes, returns to the city she left six years ago due to her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Han Donglai. Unexpectedly, when Kele gets lost, he coincidentally encounters a man who resembles Han Donglai, a character that consistently appears in his mother's manhua. Mistaking him for his father, Kele is taken to Han Donglai's office, leading to their reunion and the beginning of a tumultuous love-hate relationship. The intertwined destinies of the two unfold once again as they confront Kele's origin and his health condition. On one hand, Zhong Ling's departure for the past six years has turned her friend Chu Mo into a popular superstar, and the opportunity to adapt her manga into a film recommended by Han Donglai stirs jealousy in his heart, leading him to secretly investigate. On the other hand, Zhong Ling's return drives Lin Xiaxi, who has always deeply loved Han Donglai, to madness, resulting in repeated acts of secret revenge. Who is Kele's biological father? Will there be a chance for a reunion in the former lovers' relationship? (Source: IQIY) Adapted from the web novel "Er Hun Ye Feng Kuang" (二婚也疯狂) by Dan Ya Ru Feng (淡雅如疯).
  • Ep 48 RAW

    Shi Song Hong Jun (2014)

    Shi Song Hong Jun
    TV series "Shi Song Hong Jun" is divided into ten units, about ten different ages, gender, arms of Red Army soldiers in the march on the way to grow, transformation, struggle and sacrifice of the story.These different age, gender, arms have a common aspiration of the people that pass by the life guard and fire red stars: Zhong Shi Fa (Liu Wei) was ordered to stay home after the bell, and four sons were forced to end their battle
  • Ep 12 SUB

    Fish Upon the Sky (2021) (2021)

    Fish Upon the Sky (2021)
    BL, Comedy, Novel, Romance, School, Youth

    Pi has a crush on one of the hottest students in the Allied Health Sciences Department but since he is not confident enough about his looks, he is helpless. At least until Duen and his friends help him get a makeover to boost his confidence. When Pi finally has the guts to approach his crush, he meets his love rival, Mork.

    Pi tries to surpass Mork in everything to get the attention of Nan but he is not lucky enough to beat him. However, everything changes as Pi starts to feel a different set of feelings towards Mork, making things more complicated.

    Adapted from the novel "Fish upon the Sky" by JittiRain.

  • Ep 10 SUB

    AGAIN!! (2014)

    Comedy, Romance, School
    Kinichiro Imamura spent 3 years doing nothing in high school. On the day of his high school graduation, Kinichiro falls down the stairs at school. He soon realizes that he is back to the day of his high school entrance ceremony 3 years ago! Yoshiko Usami, who is the captain of cheerleading squad, talks to him.Kinichiro's second high school days starts again
  • Ep 24 RAW

    The Case Solver Season 2 (2022) (2022)

    The Case Solver Season 2 (2022)
    Historical, Investigation, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Web Series

    The play is set in the turbulent period of the Republic of China in Shanghai. In the 1930s, Shanghai's most prosperous city, Shiliyangchang, was also known as the "Magic Capital of the East". Despite being a prosperous city, it hides numerous confusing and unimaginable criminal cases.

    Gu Yuan, who had just been promoted to the chief inspector, and with the assistance of the famous female forensic doctor Che Su Wei, joined forces with Kang Yi Chen, the president of the Shanghai First Chamber of Commerce, to jointly detect bizarre and strange cases.

    (Source: Chinese = Baidu)

    Episodes: 24

  • Ep 2 SUB

    The Romance The Series (2021) (2021)

    The Romance The Series (2021)
    Cold Man, Fantasy, Musical, Romance

    The love story between virtual idol Rainbow and music producer Xiao Kai.

    Xiao Kai is a music producer who makes music for a virtual idol, Rainbow. He has a cold personality and loves to be alone. Music is everything to him and can’t live without it.

    Rainbow is a virtual idol who does not exist in reality but one day, she becomes human. She followed Xiao Kai to run away from the public and her manager. The two gradually fall in love with each other during their escape journey, but both of them encounter difficulties. Xiao Kai is afraid that one day, Rainbow disappears because they're not from the same dimension.

  • Ep 10.1 SUB

    Sarb Dok Soi (2016)

    Sarb Dok Soi
    Drama, Horror, Romance
    A young dancer in order to save her father allows the evil spirit take root in her body. This spirit uses her body for hunting, eating other people and make the heroine suffers. The problems start when she falls in love with a policeman but between them, there is a misunderstanding because the spirit in her body killed his father.
  • Ep 40 SUB

    Wan Chun Dou Xiao She (2024) (2024)

    Wan Chun Dou Xiao She (2024)
    Comedy, Family, life, Sitcom
  • Ep 15 SUB

    Not Yet Thirty (2021) (2021)

    Not Yet Thirty (2021)
    Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Romance, Web Series

    Seo Ji Won is a budding web-based cartoon author who decides to devote her undivided attention to her craft – forsaking love in favor of her career. And her decision pays off. By the time she is 25, she is a published author. Now, aged 30, she has become a well-recognized writer with scores of devoted readers. But turning her back on romance turns out to be harder than she first thought when Lee Seung Yoo, her first love from her middle school days, returns to the scene to turn her world upside down.

    And things get more complicated when the film director Cha Do Hoon – who has been charged with adapting Seo Ji Won’s web-based series for the screen – confides in her and appears keen to strike up a close friendship. Meanwhile, Seo Ji Won’s best friend, a one-time TV anchor named Lee Ran Joo is having a hard time adjusting to “normal” office life in her new career.

    Adapted from the webtoon "Something about 30".