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Goritekini Arienai: Tantei Kamizuru Ryoko no Kaimei (2023) (2023)

Other name: 合理的にあり得ない ~探偵・上水流涼子の解明~ / Gouritekini Arienai: Tantei Kamizuru Ryoko no Kaimei / Logically Impossible! Detective Ryoko Kamizuru is on the Case
Genre: Detective, Investigation, Law, Mystery, Novel, Underworld
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2023
Status: Completed
Kamizuru Ryoko, a brilliant female detective who is a master in disguises, teams up with Takayama Nobuhiko, a young man who has an IQ of 140 but is uncomfortable in the presence of women. She fulfils all manner of requests except for murder and assault cases, but her request fee is a high price at 2 million yen. Kiyama joins the agency after a chance encounter, and though he appears perfect at first glance, he has an extreme area of weakness when talking to women. He is drawn in by the absurdly unpredictable methods of the Detective Agency and utilizes his brilliant mind to support Kamizuru, who is willing to use any means at her disposal, and the combination of the two leads them to solve cases in the most lively way. Adapted from the novel "Goritekini Arienai: Tantei Kamizuru Ryoko no Kaimei" (合理的にあり得ない ~探偵・上水流涼子の解明~) by Yuzuki Yuko (柚月裕子).
  • Ep 150 SUB

    Dandan (2008)

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    Life Is Drama (2024) (2024)

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  • Ep 30 SUB

    Love At Night (2021) (2021)

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    White-collar worker Xu Qing You spends all year round working so much that it's always evening by the time she packs up to go home. She has been in a long-term relationship with Fan Yun Xi for ten years and was preparing for her wedding when she finds out that he cheated on her. Fan Yun Xi explains it was an accident yet Xu Qing You resolutely asks to break up.

    At this time, Xu Qing You encounters Mo Ling Ze and they immediately start off on the wrong foot. Thinking that they'd never meet again, their paths cross when Mo Ling Ze takes over the business operations at the firm where Xu Qing You is an employee. Because of work, Xu Qing You can no longer avoid Mo Lingze whereas he becomes amused by her reaction. On one hand, Mo Ling Ze is headstrong yet shows just the right amount of concern for Xu Qing You. On the other hand, Fan Yun Xi is desperately trying to win her back. Coming to realize what she wants for herself, Xu Qing You decides to start her life anew.

  • Ep 13 RAW

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  • Ep 16 SUB

    Chimera (2021) (2021)

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    Chimera incident, a serial murder and explosion crime that shook the year of 1984, takes place exactly the same thirty five years later in 2019. Just like the terrible explosion in the past, the murder of the crime is called Chimera, a monster in the Greek myth with the head of a lion, body as a goat, and tail as a snake that shoots fire through its throat. The story follows a violent crimes detective named Jae Hwan, a criminal profiler named Yoo Jin, and a surgeon named Joong Yeob, as they track down the criminal and uncover the secrets between the two cases.
  • Ep 15 SUB

    Wanida 2010 (2010)

    Wanida 2010
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    Wanida is a story about one woman’s patience, goodness and her great love. Major Prajuab Mahasak was offered to get married with Wanida Wongwiboon, Dao's daughter to repay for the debt that he borrowed from Dao. If not, he would be sued and it would dishonor his family.
  • Ep 34 SUB

    The Heart of Genius (2022) (2022)

    The Heart of Genius (2022)
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    On the day Lin Zhao Xi's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she hears the news that her longtime crush was going abroad for further studies. Pei Zhi's relentlessness in the road of mathematics has made Lin Chao Xi realize that she can never bridge the gap between herself and a true genius. However, two trips to a parallel world allows Lin Zhao Xi to discover her own potential.

    Lin Zhao Xi's life has been less than satisfactory after she graduated as a philosophy major. The seeds of mathematics have long been instilled deep inside her heart but she had no self confidence due to her longtime admiration for her father Old Lin and first love Chu Pei Zhi who are both math geniuses.

    Everything changes when she mysteriously travels through time and space. Coming to a parallel world for the first time, Lin Zhao Xi is only 12 years old here. Through the help of Old Lin, she gives her all at the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Camp. In her second journey, she travels to her senior year of high school. Alongside Pei Zhi, she gradually musters up the courage to face life.

    Back in her own world, Lin Zhao Xi is preparing for her postgraduate exams while participating in modeling contests to help out her family through prize winnings. In order to help Old Lin who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, Lin Zhao Xi and Pei Zhi join hands to promote the research of the P=NP problem and climb to the pinnacle of mathematics together.

    Adapted from the web novel "Genius Fundamentals" (天才基本法) by Zhang Er (长洱).

  • Ep 24 RAW

    Gui Fei Sheng Cun Fa Ze Season 2 (2023) (2023)

    Gui Fei Sheng Cun Fa Ze Season 2 (2023)
    Drama, Fantasy, Novel, Romance, Web Series

    Adapted from the web novel "Gui Fei Ni You Zuo Yao Le" (贵妃你又作妖了) by Shi Li Chang Jie (十里长街).

    Episodes: 24