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Believe in Love (2022) (2022)

Other name: 花间新娘 / Hua Jian Xin Niang / Flower Bride
Genre: Cold Man, Comedy, Historical, Romance
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2022
Status: Completed
Lu Yue Er is a cute 17-year-old city girl who is hard-working, courageous, and kind. She's also optimistic, responsible, and easy-going. Yue Er has strong principles, for which she isn't afraid to suffer and is as tenacious as 'wild grass'. Hua Yi Nan is the handsome 20-year-old Lord of Huajian. While popular among the people, he has an unexpectedly dark personality.
  • Ep 115 RAW

    The Birth of a Family (2012) (2012)

    The Birth of a Family (2012)
    Drama, Family, melodrama, Romance
    A drama about an adopted woman who struggles to make a family.
  • Ep 56 SUB

    Please Marry Me (2010)

    Please Marry Me
    Romance, Family
    Jung Im closes down the shop early in preparation for her father-in-law’s 60th birthday. Yet, his sons and daughters are nowhere to be found, and so as her husband Tae Ho. At this hour Tae Ho is with his co-worker Suh Young, whispering loves under the curtain. Nowadays, Tae Ho has no arousal around his wife, and sees no sparks in their conversations. Suh Young, on the other hand, is a light to his dull life. As secrets can never stay sealed forever, during his sleep Tae Ho unconsciously blurts out his love towards Suh Young. After such bitter incident, Jung Im is dragged to I-dol concerts by her friend Ae Ran, and unexpectedly ends up in a fight. Soon, the press releases news about her under the title by, “the revolting vigilant fan in her thirties!” Then Jung Im’s life falls apart, as Tae Ho divorces her. Yet what she had not realized is that her life could also turn towards “good” when given just the right chance. As entertainment agency’s head Hyun Wook decides to turn Jung Im into a successful Cinderella, her life changes! Then one day, as Tae Ho turns on his radio he hears a voice, a familiar one… yes, it was his ex-wife Jung Im’s. What would happen next?
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Rampaging 20's (0)

    Rampaging 20's
    Variety show
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Fai Nai Wayu (2014)

    Fai Nai Wayu
    Drama, Romance
    Khun Yai thinks he killed his brother and runs away
  • Ep 24 SUB

    Bachelors Vegetable Store (2011)

    Bachelors Vegetable Store
    Childhood, Comedy, Drama, melodrama, Romance
    Based on the true story of a young man who turned a tiny vegetable shop into a national name, Bachelor Vegetable Store centers on the love lives and successes of six single young men. Wang Ji Hye of recent smash hit Protect the Boss and Ji Chang-wook of Warrior Baek Dong-soo lead a cast of recognizable faces and rising stars (including Lee Kwang-soo from City Hunter). Ji Chang-wook is a talented young man with big dreams for his tiny vegetable shop who finds himself falling in love. Chang-wook’s friend, a wealthy heir who grew up without a father, comes to work at the shop. He falls for a spoiled young heiress (Park Su Jin) and complications ensue, especially when she’s drawn to Chang-wook instead. Pop singer Ji-hyuk, model Sung Ha, and musical actor Shin Won-ho round out the quartet of good-looking bachelors who work together and deal with life, love, and career.
  • Ep 16 SUB

    Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022) (2022)

    Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022)
    Drama, Law, Military, Revenge

    Do Bae Man became a military prosecutor to find success and wealth. His job is just a means for him to find success and he looks forward to quitting his job as a military prosecutor.

    Cha Woo In comes from a wealthy chaebol family and she works as rookie military prosecutor. She is confident and does not fear powerful people. She has excellent investigation skills for someone her age. Cha Woo In also became a military prosecutor to seek revenge.

    Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In begin to work together as they break down evils in the military. During this time, Do Bae Man grows into a real military prosecutor.

  • Ep 12 SUB

    Egao no Hosoku (2003)

    Egao no Hosoku

    Yumi (Takeuchi Yuko) is a 23-year-old office worker. Out of the blue, she is fired from her job. A few days later, wearing kimono, she is rushing to an interview for some part-time work at a publishing company. She was at a friend's wedding that went on a bit longer than expected and she has no time to change from her kimono.

    In another room at the publisher, popular comic book writer Reijiro Sakurai (Abe Hiroshi) is having an editorial meeting with some staff. He is planning to lock himself away at a hot spring for the next three months to concentrate on his next project. Yumi stumbles into the room, looking for somewhere to change out of her kimono. Sakurai comments that if Yumi were to join him he wouldn't mind being away for so long...

  • Ep 2 RAW

    Rugged (2015)

    Fukami Noa (Ashida Mana) loves big cars because of the influence of her father, Shiro (Harada Ryuji). He is the third generation owner of Fukami Motors, a car repair shop. One day, her father suddenly commits suicide, leaving her shocked. Noa is told by Katsuragi Ippei (Iwaki Kouchi), a former Tokyo Metropolitan Police detective who is her father’s acquaintance, that he did so to assume responsibility for the disappearance of 300 million yen in corporate pensions that his father had left to him. Kuwata Renji (Okamoto Kenichi), the sharp company president of the investment advisory firm, Best Advisers, is the mastermind. Vowing the seek revenge on Kuwata, Noa hits difficult management books to build up her knowledge and works out a plan to recover the pension money. Then she takes the position of company president. She announces to the employees that she will get back the 300 million yen that was stolen and turnaround the business. Although Katsuragi detests kids, he decides to make use of his detective skills and intuition to give Noa a helping hand. Noa gathers together his elderly friends with special skills; former trading company employee, Kuramochi Eisaku (Maeda Gin), locksmith Kashima Tokichi (Kurosawa Toshio), electrical engineer Midorikawa Daimaru (Ono Takehiko), and former actress Miwa Nagisa (Ishida Ayumi) and challenges Kuwata … …