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10 Years Ticket (2022) (2022)

Other name: หนังรักเรื่องที่แล้ว / Nang Rak Rueang Thi Laeo
Genre: Bromance, Childhood, Drama, Family, Murder, Revenge, Romance
Country: Thailand
Release year: 2022
Status: Ongoing
Pukao and Kongkwan were childhood friends, as their families were always close. But all of their lives turned into hell ten years ago, when Kongwan’s sister murdered Pukao’s brother, destroying both of their families and also Pukao and Kongkwan’s group of friends. Pukao not only lost his brother but also his father who left him and his mother and Kongkwan’s family was labeled as a murderous family while her sister took a heavy jail sentence. Ever since then, Pukao never stopped getting revenge on Kongkwan, despite the fact that she was innocent, blaming her for being the sister of his brother’s murderer. By doing so, he divided his friends who could not accept his treatment towards Kongkwan, especially the one who was like a brother to him, who would not accept any mistreatment towards Kongkwan, even from his best friend, even if that means severing their friendship.
  • Ep 1 SUB

    Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER (2018)

    Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER
    Action, Tokusatsu
    In the world of Tokiwa Sougo and Kiryu Sento, their "companions" are losing their memories one after the other as they're replaced by other people. The Super Time Jacker, Tid , appears before them. He orders his powerful underlings, Another Double and Another Den-O, to pursue a young boy called Shingo. While fighting to protect Shingo, Sougo meets Ataru, a young man who loves Riders, but Ataru says that Kamen Riders aren't real. What is the meaning of those words? On the other hand, Sento who attempts to take on Tid alone ends up brainwashed and manipulated by him. While the mystery deepens, the true enemy that Sougo and Sento must defeat appears in the Kuriogatake mountain...
  • Ep 16 SUB

    Psychopath Diary (2019)

    Psychopath Diary
    Amnesia, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Serial Killer, Thriller

    Yook Dong Sik was running away from the scene of a murder and got into an accident. After waking up, he had no recollections of his memory and does not even know who he is. He only has with him a diary that recorded the process of murders and mistakes himself as a serial psychopath killer.

    Yook Dong Sik, a 34-year-old employee. He thinks that he is a psychopath. He is so weak and timid that he can’t refuse anything at work and people at his office are using him. He became the scapegoat at his company. All his friends, colleagues and family are turning his back on him. He decided to leave this world and even wrote a suicide note. The place he decided to commit suicide is the murder scene. He got amnesia because of an accident at the scene and got the psychopath’s dairy in his hands. When he woke up, he thinks that he is the murderer.

    Shim Bo Kyung, a 30-year-old, neighborhood police officer. She meets Dong Sik when he has amnesia. The more she knows about his story, the more she finds an unexpected look in him. She wants to catch the serial killer with Dong Sik as a partner of investigation.

    Seo In Woo, 36-year-old, the director of the company Dong Sik works in. He is a cold and meticulous psychopath who lost his diary. On the day of his 7th crime, he met Dong Sik and things went wrong. He lost his diary where all his daily life and course of crime was written.

  • Ep 24 RAW

    The Princess a Little Cute (2021) (2021)

    The Princess a Little Cute (2021)
    Historical, Romance, Serial Killer, Web Series
    Liu Xiang Ciang had a dream where she was in Kingdom of Chu and became assassin, and had four opportunities to assassinate the prince Mu Chun Shen. If she failed, she was poisoned to death. In order to complete the assassination mission, she turned into a maid, a guard, and a beggar boy in the prince's mansion. Every time the assassination was about to succeed, there would be unexpected surprises. In the process of fighting against Mu Chun Shen, she gradually discovered Mu Chun Shen's kindness and sense of responsibility, and gradually fell in love with Mu Chun Shen. At the same time, she realized that there was a background/history behind this assassination mission.
  • Ep 1 RAW

    FAKE MOTION: Tatta Hitotsu no Negai (2021) (2021)

    FAKE MOTION: Tatta Hitotsu no Negai (2021)
    Friendship, Sports, Youth
    In 20XX, it is not the strength of study or fighting that determines the superiority or inferiority of high school students, but "table tennis". There used to be fierce battles over the top spot in Tokyo. Ebisu Nagato High School who defeated the champion Satsukawa with strong cohesion and stood at the top of Tokyo. The victory of the Ebisu Nagato High School put an end to the battle, and Tokyo should have become one. Half a year later--. Tenkafubu Gakuen, the pinnacle of Osaka, was invading Tokyo. Hijikata Toshiki of Tokyo Metropolitan Hachioji Minami Technical High School stands up to protect his friends and Tokyo!!! Tokyo vs Osaka-The big decisive battle of the world division
  • Ep 5 RAW

    Sumu Sumu S3 (2021)

    Sumu Sumu S3
    Comedy, life
    Entertainers Bakarhythm and Wakabayashi Masayasu live on the same floor of an apartment building in Tokyo. One day, the two of them discover that Nikaido Fumi lives in this building. She joins their group before they even realize it and the trio become close friends who solve one another's worries and problems.
  • Ep 122 SUB

    Here Comes Love (2016) (2016)

    Here Comes Love (2016)
    Drama, Family, melodrama, Romance
    A single mother who was struggling with life finally realizes the true meaning of happiness as she discovers that it is the little things that make her happy.
  • Ep 30 RAW

    Ai, Khoi Hak Jao (2022) (2022)

    Ai, Khoi Hak Jao (2022)
    Comedy, Investigation, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
    Phuwasol had to fly back to Thailand, seeing his father take his life because of financial problem. All of property were seized and sold by bank. He and mother need to move to relative house at province. At here, meeting Chattawan, the naughty girl who seem to dislike his arrogant. He is always teased by her, to face with any supernatural incident at here.
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Imaginary Cat (2015)

    Imaginary Cat
    Comedy, Romance
    Based on same title webcomic by Kim Gyung which was published from 2014-June-02 to 2015-April-06 via “”“. This drama will be the first drama to tell the story of cats for the first time in Korea. A human and a cat, who have each one’s own mental wound, live together and heal the wounds through the co-habitation. Hyun Jong Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho) is a webtoon writer who works part-time at a bookstore. Becoming a webtoon writer has always been his dream but he has some difficulties due to his stubborn and self-centered personality. On on rainy day, he meets a stray cat and decides to bring it to live with him. He names it BoK Gil and from then on, he starts opening his mind to the cat. He works hard to make a living for his cat Bok Gil. The drama will also tell a story from Hyun’s point of view and then also from the cat’s point of view. The cat has a different take on what’s wrong with his human’s life. Although he can’t offer his human any advice, Hyun’s furry friend provides a source of comfort and support as he goes through difficult times.