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The Diamond's Dream (2013) (2013)

Other name: 一克拉梦想
Genre: Business, Drama, Family, Romance, Youth
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2013
Status: Completed
Liu Mei Li (Jiang Meng Jie) is a naive and ambitious girl who has a dream. Her dream is to become an internationally renowned designer and the first step she takes is going on China's "Dream" fashion show. Although things did not turn out well, she called attention to another pressing matter- that is her desire to find her long lost sister. Refusing to give up her dream of becoming a designer, she tries to find a job and meets the company's general manager, Zhou Xuan (Yao Yuan Hao). Both of them are tangled in a complicated love-hate relationship. Xie Jing Hua (Liu Yi Han) is Mei Li's best childhood friend but she works in the opposing company, Tian Yi. Jing Hua has unrequited love for the company president's son, Ye Guang Yi (Chi Shuai). However, he is in love with a mysterious woman named Xue Li, who seems to be connected to Zhou Xuan. Mei Li gets trapped within the battles going on between her work life and her social life. Despite all the trouble brewing up, Mei Li maintains an optimistic view, holds onto her dreams, and extends this warmth to the people around her, like a diamond shining in the dark.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Not Alright, But It's Alright (2018) (2018)

    Not Alright, But It's Alright (2018)
    Drama, life, Web Series

    Ji Ahn is a new contract employee at an advertising company. What challenges await her there and how or if she overcomes it is the backdrop of the story.

    The real story of adulting!

    “Not All Right, But It’s Alright” for struggling youths.

  • Ep 30 RAW

    The Last Breakthrough (2004)

    The Last Breakthrough
    Medical, Romance
    Hong Kong
    Dr. Albert Wong Fu Fun (Nick Cheung) joins "Life Force", an international medical humanitarian organization, to carry out the unfulfilled wish of his deceased girlfriend, Ha Hiu Tung (Gigi Leung). He also set up "Lung Sing Medical Center" (Dragon City Medical Centre) to help the poor. When Fu Fun was working with the organization in Kenya, he met a young doctor named Ken Chai Pak Hang (Raymond Lam), who works at a private hospital name "Ling Siu" in Hong Kong. Influenced by Fun, Ken joins "Lung Sing" later. Hong Kiu (Sonija Kwok), a nurse at "Grant Hill Hospital", is impressed by Fun's principle of putting patients first and develops feelings for him. However, Fun cannot get over Tung. Meanwhile, Ken meets a volunteer Ha Hiu Ching (Leila Tong) when he is in Africa and takes an interest in her. When they meet at "Lung Sing" again, Ching Ching tries to stray away from Ken because of the existence of Yoyo Go Siu Yau (Sharon Chan), who comes from a wealthy family, and who is also a patient of Ken. Working with Fun at both "Lung Sing" and "Life Force", Ken learns that apart from giving patients medical treatments, doctors should also help patients to live a meaningful life. However, when Ken and Fun face their own challenges, they feel weak and helpless...
  • Ep 11 SUB

    Manhattan Love Story (2003)

    Manhattan Love Story
    Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Next door to Chuo TV's offices is "Manhattan," a coffee shop for aficionados. The owner's (Masahiro Matsuoka) passion for coffee is almost a sickness and all he wants is for his customers to enjoy their coffee. He is a man of few words. If he has to say something, he gets his waiter Shinobu Gamo (Takashi Tsukamoto) to speak on his behalf. Owner's real name is unknown. He would prefer to be addressed as the shops' "Master" rather than its owner - not that anyone is aware of this. He gives his all to coffee. Despite his wishes, his regular customers don't really come to taste the coffee. They are there because of love. They use his shop as a place for dates, marriage proposals and break-ups. He doesn't show it, but it saddens him that his customers are so preoccupied with affairs of the heart and not the coffee.

    One day, Nobuko Akabane (Kyoko Koizumi) visits his shop. Nobuko, who got caught up in a messy extra-marital affair which resulted in her having to leave her job at a top company, now drives a taxi. She looks anxious, as if she is waiting for someone and leaves the shop without touching her coffee. This happens again the next day. Nobuko had a customer - dance instructor Hideki Bessho (Mitsuhiro Oikawa) - who left his mobile phone in the taxi. Nobuko has made two appointments to meet with Bessho to return the phone, but on both occasions Bessho has failed to show up. One day, she appeared at the coffee shop all dressed up and tipped a cup of coffee over Bessho's head. The master watches developments in Nobuko's love life with great interest. He wants her to enjoy good coffee so decides to help her with her love life. But no sooner has he decided to do this that other love-related troubles begin to emerge. Be it screenwriter Maki Chikura (Aiko Morishita), voice actor Satoshi Doigaki (Suzuki Mastuo), new announcer Shiori Emoto (Wakana Sakai), actor Eiichiro Funakoshi (played by himself) or the waiter Gamo. And even the Master finds himself embroiled in affairs of the heart.

  • Ep 11 SUB

    Boku Dake no Madonna (2003)

    Boku Dake no Madonna
    Kyoichi Suzuki is an average college student in his junior year. Although he's not in one of the top universities, he's satisfied with his college life studying architecture. Kyoichi left home and is finally on his own, living in a beat-up apartment in Tokyo. However, this apartment building is home to some out-of-the-ordinary residents, who are always bugging Kyoichi. His next-door neighbor hits Kyoichi up for a loan when he finds out that Kyoichi just got paid. His other next- door neighbor who works at a nightclub, always calls Kyoichi, demanding him to come pick her up, because she's so drunk. Other than that, Kyoichi is satisfied with his normal life, until he meets a girl one day...
  • Ep 4 SUB

    Meteor Rain (2001)

    Meteor Rain
    Comedy, Drama, Romance
    Mei Zuo's Chapter Mei Zuo (Vanness Wu) (Akira Mimasakain in manga series) got picked pocketed by a Japanese girl, Ai Sha, struggling to survive in Taiwan. Ai Sha fools Mei Zuo several times before she finally reveals the truth. Ai Sha, recently left Japan to find her grandmother. Mei Zuo agrees to help her and after several events take place, Ai Sha and Mei Zuo start to practice dancing together. The explanation for this is that Ai Sha believes the best way to find her grandmother is to enter and win a televised dance contest. At the end of this chapter, a romance is strongly hinted at. Xi Men's Chapter Xiao You (Rainie Yang) (Yuki in manga series) comes back from Canada by herself on a quest for her love. She attempts to rekindle her relationship with Xi Men (Ken Chu) (Soujiroh Nishikado in manga series) and at first seems to be unsuccessful. After an occurrence at the bar, Xi Men and Xiao You confront each other about their behaviors. Later Xi Men reveals to Xiao You a bit of his past and tells her about this girl, Xiao Gen, he once loved. Xiao Gen had discovered something very special, but he had been somewhat afraid of his feelings and had greatly disappointed her by not showing up. Inspired by the story, Xiao You goes on a time-consuming search for the "special thing" that Xiao Gen had wanted to show Xi Men. Dao Ming Si's Chapter There are two parts to this chapter. It explains several scenes that took place in Meteor Garden. Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan) (Tsukasa Domyouji in manga series) is charged with a crime and flees. He narrowly escapes the police, by jumping off a train and lies unconscious on a beach. A young girl by the name of Xin Xin finds him and Dao Ming Si is temporarily taken in by Ah Yuan, who appears to be Xin Xin's father. Ah Yuan and Xin Xin live in a simple shack by the beach and are not wealthy. There are several twists to this plot, the main one being that Xin Xin does not talk. Apparently, Xin Xin is not mute; she was simply traumatized by something that happened to her in the past. Thanks to Xin Xin's advances, Dao Ming Si and Xin Xin quickly bond. However problems arise in the second part of this chapter, when Ah Yuan learns that Dao Ming Si is wanted by the police and Dao Ming Si learns the truth about Ah Yuan & Xin Xin's past.
  • Ep 42 SUB

    Huo Yuan Jia (2007)

    Huo Yuan Jia
    Action, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance
    Huo En Di and Zhao Sheng Xian were once disciples in the same martial arts sect who were as close as brothers. However, that all changed after their dying shifu chose En Di as his successor with no witnesses except En Di present at his deathbed. Since then, the Huo and Zhao families have been at odds and periodically compete against each other in martial arts showdowns. Huo Yuan Jia, En Di's 4th son, was a sickly child. Therefore, his father never taught him martial arts and instead instructed him to pursue a scholarly path. This hurt Yuan Jia's pride and he secretly began learning martial arts from a mysterious master who had saved his life. One day during one of the usual feud-driven showdowns, Huo En Di and Sheng Xian's eldest disciple brother makes a surprise appearance with revenge in mind, as he feels he should have been the rightful successor of their original sect. When it seems that no one can defeat him, Yuan Jia is forced to reveal the martial arts prowess he had kept hidden for years.
  • Ep 18 RAW

    Tawipob (2011) (2011)

    Tawipob (2011)
    Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Supernatural
    Maneejan (Nicknamed: Manee) finds out that she can travel to the past through a mirror she bought at an antique shop. That mirror brings her to the place of Khun Luang Akarathep Warakorn, a government official who lived over a hundred years ago. Her appearance causes him and everyone in the house a shock. But with her wit, she gradually gains everyone's favor. The more times she travels to the past, the more feeling she and Khun Luang develop for each other. But, what causes her to travel to the past? Why is she the one chosen? In that time when Thailand (formerly Siam) was under pressure from Western Colonialism, will she be able to do anything to help save the country? While the problem of the country must be solved, Maneejan also faces another problem - the mirror starts to break. She needs to decide whether to reside with the man she loves in the past or to go back to the future to continue living her regular life with her family and friends.
  • Ep 5 SUB

    Genkai Shuraku Kabushikigaisha (2015)

    Genkai Shuraku Kabushikigaisha
    In a small village in the Kanto regioin, which is surrounded by mountains, residents and a management consultant (Shosuke Tanihara) struggle to rebuild the village through its only industry, farming. When Masato (Takashi Sorimachi) was in his 20's, he failed with an organic farming business and accrued heavy debt. Ultimately, Masato ran away to Tokyo, leaving his parents and daughter Miho behind. 13 years later, Masato's father dies. Miho (Mayu Matsuoka) decides to inherit a field from her grandfather and his farm. To help Miho and his mother Yayoi, Masato goes back to his hometown village.