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Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu (2004)

Other name: 世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ / Sekai no Chushin de, Ai o Sakebu / Crying Out Love, In the Center of The World / Socrates in Love
Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Tragedy, Youth
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2004
Status: Completed
"I thought I might be using a lifetime's happiness in a moment. I was that happy and she was that beautiful." A young boy stands on the red earth of Australia under its blue sky. It is 17-year-old Sakutaro Matsumoto. His time with the girl comes back to him. The colored sand runs through his hands and a tear appears on his cheek. He wakes up. It's 2004 and he is 34 years old and in Japan. He thinks "I have been in a world without her for 17 years." Returning home to see his old high school for the last time before it is demolished, Saku confronts anew the loss of the love of his life, Aki, to leukemia 17 years ago. Now a medical researcher at graduate school, he has been living as if half of him died with her since then. Based on the bestselling novel that sold over 3 million copies, the past and present come together in this love story that is both pure and sad.
  • Ep 8 RAW

    Girl of 0AM (2015) (2015)

    Girl of 0AM (2015)
    Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
    Girl of 0AM is a romantic comedy about the main character, Gong Ji Dan, who dreams of becoming a superstar. He coincidentally becomes in charge of a karaoke business, allowing him to grow as a singer. Min Se Ra, the female lead of “Girl of 0AM”, Se Ra is a part-time worker, who leads Ji Dan to become a singer and holds a mysterious secret.
  • Ep 20 RAW

    Untraceable Evidence (1997) (1997)

    Untraceable Evidence (1997)
    Action, Mystery
    Hong Kong
    Tsung Ka Yuen is an excellent police officer whose team always seems to get assigned to the most interesting cases in all of HK. He works well with his police colleagues and is looked upon by everyone as the big brother. Ka Yuen is also very close to his dad, brother, and stepmom. Ka Yuen wife died from cancer and he hasn't dated anyone since. Later, Ka Yuen starts to like Pauline but before anything happens with her, he dates Siu Tong Choy, one of his colleagues. Because the crimes that Ka Yuen's team deals with are mostly murders, in comes the forensics unit! The intelligent and modern forensics examiner, Pauline Lip Bo Yin. Her beauty and brains can be a bit intimidating so she too has not had much luck at love. As with Ka Yuen, Pauline also has an interesting family history. Her father was a well-known bomb expert who died when she was quite young. Pauline has remained extremely close with her mother, sister, and niece.
  • Ep 6 RAW

    Saigo no Chuushingura (2004) (2004)

    Saigo no Chuushingura (2004)
  • Ep 24 RAW

    Girls' Secrets (2022) (2022)

    Girls' Secrets (2022)
    Drama, Fantasy, Romance
    The story tells about two girls who envy of each other due to differences in identities and backgrounds, but after exchanging souls, they each discover their own brilliance and re-understand their own value.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Reverse (2017) (2017)

    Reverse (2017)
    Mystery, Psychological, Suspense

    Salaryman Fukase Kazuhisa graduated from a famous university but his life is very ordinary and unremarkable. His only hobby – if it can be called that – is drinking coffee. Coffee, in fact, leads him to Mihoko Ochi, who becomes his girlfriend. Then one day, Mihoko receives a mysterious letter which consists of a single line, “Kazuhisa Fukase is a murderer.” Fukase’s instinct tells him that the time has finally come to face “that incident” 10 years ago. One winter 10 years ago, his good friend Hirosawa Yuki died in an unfortunate accident during a snowboarding trip with his university classmates Tanihara Yasuo (Ichihara Hayato), Asami Kosuke , Murai Takaaki and Murai’s younger sister Asuka. However, there is a big secret hidden in that accident. Letters are also sent to Tanihara, Tanihara and Murai who also share in this secret, and even they are hit by a series of incidents. Fukase decides to confront the truth of the past in order to protect the people dear to him.

    Based on Reverse by Minato Kanae.

  • Ep 40 RAW

    Pretty Close (2016) (2016)

    Pretty Close (2016)
    Drama, Romance
    This is a love story of Li Shan Jun and Zhang Yu Xia, who go through an arranged marriage set up by their parents. Although they went into their marriage with love after all, the couple face hardships and difficulty along the way. Unwilling to part, the two go on a journey to overcome their differences and learn to tolerate one another.
  • Ep 1 RAW

    Mitsu no Machi no Monogatari SP (2015) (2015)

    Mitsu no Machi no Monogatari SP (2015)
    Drama, Friendship

    Story 1: Chichi to Ko

    Synopsis: Toho Akihiro (Ishimaru Kanji) opposed his boss and resigned from the large consulting firm he had been working for. His father, Hideo (Takahashi Gentaro), is the owner of a convenience store in the countryside. It is his daily routine to talk to regular customers and he also gets along well with his staff. Because business has been poor, he seeks his son’s help. Akihiro comes to revamp the store by making use of his experience as a consultant. At first, sales increases, but father and son clash over the complete change in management policy which disregards regular customers. Then Hideo collapses and Akihiro works the night shift. He is confronted with an electricity disruption around the store due to a downpour. He realises something that his father had prized above running the store while under pressure to deal with the situation.

    Cast: Ishimaru Kanji, Takahashi Gentaro

    Story 2: Daifuku Obasan

    Synopsis: Igarashi Satomi (Yoshida Yo) has been absent from part-time work at a convenience store for about two months because she has had to take care her mother who had fallen sick. Right after her return, she is informed that an elderly lady (Matsubara Chieko) had been coming to the store daily since a month ago and constantly picked on the staff. The lady is an ordinary customer whom Satomi had occasionally seen before, but she does not understand the reason for her becoming a complainer. Satomi recalls some incident from the woman’s daily visit to the store to purchase daifuku, and decides to go to her house in order to talk to her personally. She learns new facts from her conversation with the lady … …

    Cast: Yoshida Yo, Matsubara Chieko

    Story 3: 10.30 pm no Jousei Kyaku

    Synopsis: Inubushi Kazuma (Mizobata Junpei) works the night-shift at a convenience store. He dreams of becoming a photographer and had been an assistant for a famous photographer, but could not tolerate the hardships of training and stopped going to work one month ago. Kazuma fancies a customer Oikawa Chihiro (Kojima Haruna), who always comes to the store at the same time every night to buy cafe latte. He accidentally learns that her dream is to become a designer. As he hears this, he enthusiastically talks about his own dream despite giving up on it. At some point, Kazuma eventually vents his feelings of depression to Chihiro. This would kick off their future in a big way.

  • Ep 29 RAW

    The Thunder Action (2014) (2014)

    The Thunder Action (2014)
    Drama, War